Fast-grow autos and photos

More nanners! Bruce Banners got flowers all over it. I’m just going to let it go and harvest when it’ normally would be ready. From the looks of them, damage is already done.

Not really understanding of this is genetic or stress-related. My last plant with nanners was under a lot of stress but this one has had a pretty good life.:roll_eyes::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Some plants more than others will throw out bananas when they aren’t getting pollen from anywhere else and there’s nothing you can do except pluck them off and hope for the best or cut your losses before the seeds mature and harvest early. Because I grew out in the woods I wouldn’t find the bananas until they were already open and dried out and there were some loaded with seeds, some with a few, and some didn’t have seeds at all. My point is some bananas are duds… shooting blanks you could say :laughing: :rofl:


I have been procrastinating on looking at my driver because I have the new light in the tent and it seems to be making up for any light issues for now. So my question is do I just need to remove the dimmer or will I need to bridge the connections in the driver for full power? I don’t want to just bridge them and short something out. Also besides not being able to dim, is it bad to run the driver without it permanently? Also should mention that the light is just under 2 years old and has had constant use from 16/8 to 12/12 non stop.

Don’t short the leads, it will think you’re trying to dim to zero.

I usually just tape the leads off individually or place a small wire nut on each.


I just cut the pot off and capped the wires. Much better, Maybe not 100% of what it was new but much closer. Thank you.

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Today was my last feed. Everything in the tent is going straight water on my next watering. Buds are heavy and dense and full of crystals. I can also smell my plants outside of the house. Filter cannot keep up with the strong odors.

Bruce Banners got nanners! Skywalkers the one with the more yellowing leaves. If I wind up with seeds I am going to find a secluded place in the middle of nowhere and spread them. Hope everybody’s staying safe, healthy, and keeping it green.:sunglasses::+1::seedling:




Beautiful :heart_eyes:


@KPC @MeEasy thanks guys, this grow has been a little more challenging than some in my past but still looks like it will be fairly successful.
I’m on between 50 and 52 days of flower, today is 60 days since light flip 12 / 12. Trichomes on the Skywalker are mostly cloudy on the top colas. Bruce Banner and hibernate show a few Cloudy with a lot of clear and some Amber already. Skywalker I believe will be coming down next weekend. I am going to post a few pics using the magnifier in my phone just to see if I can determine any better when to harvest. I can’t guarantee they won’t be blurry.:wink:

I really need to get my tent cleaned up so I can put my clones and there and start them on 18 / 6. I started them in a window and because of our short days the darn things want to come out of flower. Also have a few seeds from sniper I want to get going. I have them soaking right now. Crazy Eights monkey fruit, and webbed slipper.
I hope everyone’s keeping it green.


meant to say Won’t come out of flower.

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Starting the chop on Skywalker OG. After a week of straight water it is starting to Foxtail. Trichomes are where I want them.

This is one l can’t wait to try.


Last tent picture with it full of photos.

the tent will be getting a major rebuild after this round, my cat got ahold of one side and tore it apart.:cat:
Hope everybody’s having a great weekend and keeping it green.:sunglasses::seedling::+1:


New tent.

Couple of plants growing inside.

More information coming soon.
Keep it green!:sunglasses::seedling::+1:


Time for a little bit of an update. Everything in my main tent has been harvested. Skywalker and Bruce Banner are still drying so I do not have any weights on total Harvest yet, but the Bruce Banner has definitely put out some volume! The hibernate that was gifted to me, well I’m not going to say it was a bust. But it definitely was not worth my effort. I also discovered the same issue with the very old mother plant Black Widow. Both plants were very difficult to deal with and not worth the extra effort for what I got off them.
I picked up a new tent because I was having a huge problem with my clones. I could not get them out of flower. They were potted in Solo cups and refused to grow and stayed in flower because I have very short days of sunlight this time of year. They are now sitting underneath 100 W of crappie blurple 24 / 7 until I see progress. The large clone is starting to stretch and I think will be a productive plant. All of the rest seem to be stunted and come June 1st will be planted in the woods.
Now for the really freaking cool part!

My brother from another mother, @repins12 made it possible for me to receive some of his very special creations. I wish I had more room and could plant more of his seeds, but I need to get some CBD flower growing so I started one of his Crazy 8 monkey fruit, and one of his web slippers. These will be my main concern indoors during my next round along with some CBD flower. I have to thank sniper for his generosity and being someone who never stops and never rests. Everything he has done so far has been over the top and has earned this old boys respect! I wish I even had a thought that I could keep up with the way he grows. Soon to find out how good the genetics are, but Gary, you absolutely did your part!
My current update for now, everybody stay safe, hi, and keep it green!:sunglasses::seedling::+1:


Somebody else looking for attention.


Figured I’d post a picture of my tent, working so hard I don’t have time to spend on the Forum. Usually just drop by Read and click a few likes. I have some clones that are revegged, couple of Skywalker and some Bruce Banner.

I have a couple of those from sniper going.

And some random seeds that I have started for a friend.

I have a couple of clones that are struggling to go back into vegging state, and I have a few Autoflower seeds that popped up and died for some reason or another. I’ve lost 5 Autoflower seedling so far but I’m having no problems with photo seeds. I will not be posting a whole lot here in the future because of how busy I am. Will still be dropping in to read people’s posts and click a few likes but for now I need to take a break and get my work done. Best of luck to everybody, and hope you all keep it green!:sunglasses::seedling::+1:


See you when you get caught up!


Left to right, Charlotte’s yesterdream, Crazy 8 monkey fruit, webbed slipper.

A couple of the top colas from the Crazy 8 and web slipper.

Picture of the top of the Crazy 8 plant.

These are large autos, and I am growing them in dirt. Carbon filter is not keeping up with the scent. They’re really starting to put out some oder. Definitely filling up a 2 x 4 tent. I think yesterdream is going to have to go outside. Just not enough room for her anymore and she’s not in flower. It was started quite a bit later than the first two. I dropped another Crazy 8 and a Seymour shit. They have not popped yet but as soon as they do they will go on my garden. I’m going to plant them right in the ground. Still have a purple kush and a couple of White Widow c b d autoflowers going. Plus a bunch of clones from my Skywalker and Bruce Banner. The fact is the addiction is growing, not smoking.


A couple of Skywalker clones that have been flipped to 12/12.

A reveged hibernate plant.

White Widow c b d Autos and a few more clones I am starting.

I have a few more plants going outside, I would like to get a few pictures out later when I get a chance. So far this is what my summer looks like, hope everybody else is keeping it green!:sunglasses::seedling::+1: