Fast flowering seeds?

So I was in a Google search when I came across “crop king seeds” and also came across now what I know to be the FOURTH type of cannabis seed that can be purchased and grown. These seeds are called “fast flowering seeds” in which I’ve NEVER heard of, the discription says it’s similar to an autoflower but still needs a 12/12 light cycle to flower, but produces more than an auto and grows faster than a regular photo. So my question is has anyone else ever heard of these fast flower seeds?, any experience with them?, any info on these would be greatly appreciated, IF anyone has it, I’m really intrigued by the concept so want to take a serious look into getting some, but want to hear thoughts on it first, THANKS Y’ALL!!!

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Realistically, any photoperiod can be a “fast flowering seed” it’s all about how soon you flip them. Flowering always takes the most time, but veg time can the variable.
To me it sounds like marketing.

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Did you look them up at all?

I read the description, still looks like marketing to me.
If anyone had “fast flowering seeds” there would be those seeds on every website. You just can’t rush some things.

This isn’t a fourth kind of seed (curious about what you believe the other three are). It sounds like they’re making dubious claims about their conventional F1 hybrids, and I’m a bit doubtful they’re even true F1 hybrids.

Let’s assume the autoflowering trait is always recessive. The autoflowering parent is probably genetically very dissimilar to the photoperiod parent. That can result in what we describe as “hybrid vigor.” Scientists believe dissimilar parents stand a better chance of passing on broader genetic resources, in contrast to inbred groups that share a much more limited genome.

When something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We ought to be skeptical about the claims made by any seed vendor.

Well it would have went 1) photosynthesis 2) autoflower, 3) super autoflower, and if these were legit 4) fast flowering seeds, I’m not a pro by any means, matter of fact I’m pretty new, but that’s 3 right?

I have cut clones, 2 weeks to re-root them, 4 weeks of veg and 8 weeks of flower and pulled almost 3 oz off the plant, and one that was vegged for 6 weeks I pulled just under 5 ounces off. So we are talkin 14 and 16 weeks with regular feminized seeds. They have out produced in both time, quantity, and quality any auto flowers but I have grown to date. I really don’t know how they could make anything any faster. Breeders constantly lie about their seed to harvest times and flower times. I don’t know how they get away with it.:thinking:

@fast-grow @KeystoneCops @Covertgrower, yeah it was exactly the thought of it all that was intriguing, I obviously questioned it, since I brought the subject here, but I will NOT be spending any money on them, thanks for the input!!!


Photoperiod (the term really should be short-day) plants are substantially different from autoflowering varieties (the term really ought to be long-day cultivars.) But “Super-autoflower” plants are a marketing ploy invented by a breeder named Stitch. He claimed his autoflowering super-autos would grow larger than the autos of the early 2000’s. Okay, well, without the selection pressure of a naturally short Siberian growing season, mutations expressing longer-flowering/larger plants were bound to emerge.