Fast auto grow in fall outside?

We are applying to produce recreational for our state and August 22nd we can send for a ‘provisional’ license to allow to start buying stuff, what that means exactly we are not clear on, we already have ‘stuff’ but assuming the clones/seeds? Not sure at this point until the state of NM finalizes the licensing…that said have heard Sept 29 as latest start date…

…I told you that to ask you this, is there anyway we can squeeze in a fast auto crop in a greenhouse this late in the year without adding supplemental lighting? We will put in a heater. I am researching cold weather strains now. While not our preference to have start this early, this gives us a chance to get somewhat of a wholesale crop in, make a little money to reinvest and in January we will hit it full on with greenhouses, etc., on upwards of 200 plants. This grow will most likely be around 50 at most.

What fast auto is good with cold and gives a decent yield? Northern Lights comes to mind as cold weather. Doing some research on it.

There is a strain called Gigabud that is supposed to only need 5-6 weeks to flower. Its a photo period plant but started this late it will act like an auto and flower as soon as its mature enough.
Using a photo period plant instead of an auto will give you more consistent results too.
Just my thoughts.

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Fantastic! I never refer to other seeds sites, but there is a producer site I found, and it has a huge inventory. I will check that out. I really do prefer my photos so this would be great. Need to check Bruce Banner fast flower version. But that may be our January crop. Our goal is produce the finest boutique strains. We are aiming for the classics and more landrace strains, simply because as long time users, we find those strains really have the punch and taste we like.

Here is what we have going now. Tent and greenhouse. We were going to build a big shop for the grow, but having such success with greenhouse, think we will do that, add a hooped greenhouse. My husband has been in renewarble energy for 30 years. So, we tend to have a greener outlook and if there is any way we can do this, without using massive amounts of electricity we are happy. We aren’t looking to make oodles, but hey won’t turn it down, this will be my ‘career’ and a good supplemental income when he retires in a few years.

Greenhouse and tent this morning rocking along! If I can make money at what I love and am good at, and work for myself, and never again try and beat a drug test, I am one happy camper!

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Ruderalis, the plants whose genes are used to create autos, naturally exist in far north areas. Cold like Canada cold. So I would imagine they’d have some resistance still.

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Love that greenhouse.
Hope it works out for you.
Here in Missouri there is no arrangement for people to grow for selling. We have medical license so can grow 6 flowering. That’s actually fine as I cant fit more than 2 to 4 in the tent anyway. Plus we grow faster than we can use it. But I too would like to be able to get some income off of this. Perhaps if I had a patient who was generous I could make a little. As a caregiver I can have 3 card holders to provide product to. But that would only provide a little pocket money.

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Fantastic looking site to the eyes… Good luck with your venture in the weed world. You sure can grow that is for sure, so let’s hope you can parlay that in some extra $$. happy growing :rofl: :bat:

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@thecount13 @Spiney_norman @Budz

Thank you all! I apparently used up my ‘heart’ likes, trying to catch up on forum as last many months spent in garden.

I am searching for a good reliable gigabud seller. Interesting in that is is a Big Bud cross. I have Blueberry X Big Bud going for the second time. It was a nice strain.

It occurred to me that we can put a smaller hoop style greenhouse over on this side yard. It stays warmer in the winter. I have plenty of space if I look to grow this way. This is a huge leap of faith and 180 deg from the planned big shop indoor grow. But the more I figured it, yeah we could get the building built, debt free, but then we are looking at massive electricity bills and until I can get some crops making money to reinvest into equipment, structure, etc., I do not want to go into debt. My absolute is to not carry any debt over 12 months. I have spent last year paying off stuff to get ready for this. I only have $1000 to spare for monthly utility bill and I don’t want to have to do that if at all possible.

Anyways, I can construct PVC hoop and cover with row cloth or other material. These would be grown in soil and fabric pots. Not hydro.

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