Fans, Wall mount, ceiling fan, High or Low

Any feedback as to which fan would be best for a 8’x12’ grow room? I can mount a ceiling fan in the rafters, and it would give me good circulation but it might mess with my filter. Wall mount will need to be on each side to provide circulation. Up high is going to circulate warm air, down low won’t get the top kola. I’m leaning toward a very small CF. Lights are not a issue because I built LED lights on wire racks. Grow room is not built yet so I can go any direction. Thank Cat

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I currently run 2 12 inch Hurricane oscillating wall mount fans in my 4x8 tent they have a bunch of wind power even on low and do an awesome job I have them mounted on some peg board that I hung with ratchet ropes on opposite sides of the tent

Im sorry I should have explained a little better what kink of setup I am going for. Its a 6 bucket RWDC. I’m trying to be as green as possible. I have a 6’x3’ LED light made with 6 16’ 5630 strips It should equal out to a 400w light. I have several T-8 4 daylight bulb fluorescents, but they have ballista and produce a little heat. First grow will be with OG Kush. Im trying to keep the heat down by ceramic tile on the floor and solid styrofoam in the walls for insulation (make the room like a little refig). I’m going to run carbon filter and exhaust fans up top over the ceiling joist. I think fans placed proper will be important. Cat

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Absolutely sounds like a nice plan id probably stick with the wall mount fans me personally or something with a good swivel radius I personally don’t like anything electrical being on my grow room floor so I do wall mount plus it allows for more plants on the ground imo lol

I totally agree with no elec. on the floor, either would work for me. I have never used the small oscillating fan so Im kinda in the dark. How long do they last? I would hate to have one go out in the middle of my grow. I do have a ceiling fan that has been outdoors and running for 20+ years, then again it would be my luck it would pick now to go belly up.LOL. thanks The1stTimer for your input… Cat