Fans on or off with or with out a timer trying to save electricity can some one help

them on a timer? the same with my frei am setting up a room and would like to know do i need to keep my circulation fans on 24 7 ?or can i put sh air 24-7 or a timer and also my out going with smog filter
fans on or off

many only run fans during only when lights are on - if you want to run all the time ; your choice

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thank u steve

Just as an example I run my oscillating fans 24/7 and my exhaust fan during lights on then switch to 1 hour off, 15 mins on during darkness for fresh air at lights off. In flower I run the exhaust constantly to keep humidity low in order to prevent bud rot.


Sounds like that’s working - you have it under control !!!

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I totally agree with you - each person grow area is different - glad you have your’s dialed it . Thanks fro info !

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