*Fanfare* - DieHigh1955's Blue Dream ScroG!


@DieHigh55 here you go buddy one WOOHOO
just for you to use lol


I will cherish that Woohoo always!


Woho (all I can use with out permissions!)


Yep let them get a little bigger and see how those tops develop and then decide! @DieHigh55


@DieHigh55, nice looking plants, good luck! Mike


Thank you! Hoping for the best, and a little luck never hurts.


59 days…slipped, tripped and flipped to 12/12. I’m assuming the screen will fill in a bit more during the stretch.

Should I get rid of the stuff growing under the net or just leave it alone?

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It should fill in more at least bit
I normally fill mybscreen 85-90% then flip to flower schedule
Looking giod tho @DieHigh55


Some of that lower stuff could go, Alan. It will anyway.


Good point @Myfriendis410 and everything thats not touching the canopy should go so olant focuse on top
If it where me i would remove all 6 inches and lower for sure


Probably could let it fill in a bit more but I have to do switcheroo with the lamps so this will have to do this time. I will get rid of the lower stuff as you and @Myfriendis410 suggested. Does that mean away with the big fan leaves too underneath? Thanks for your help, guys.


It’s your choice. The plant can make the choice or you can. There’s available N in the fan leaves…


Damn! I HATE tough decisions. I’ll hack off the smaller stuff and leave the fan leaves for now. Now I’ve got a headache from thinking so much, guess it’s time to medicate😊


I am doing my first scrog ever and using blue Dream. Kinda been winging it but here is where I am with it.


You’re further along then I am obviously, now I have a better idea what under the screen is supposed to look like. Good job! Ever try Blue Dream? Supposed to be a really nice high.


@DieHigh55 here’s my Jack Herer and Gold Leaf SCROG taken about 1 minute ago.

Total height in the pot is 28".


been buying blue dream for last 2 months, definitely a favorite. Hope I can get same quality from my own grow.


Go ahead and brag…you should! Those are beauties, how “old” are they?


You know, I’d have to look haha. Probably around 3 months. Thanks! I’m doing what Garrigan recommended regarding feeding and I’m happy I did. They’ve responded beautifully! The nute values are really low, around 600 to 700 ppm which makes it more economical and obviously the plants are happy.


They’re sure look happy, as long as they don’t know the horrible fate awaiting them…cut down, dried, chopped up, burned/vaped/eaten.


Day 69 10 days after 12/12 flip. Dreamy Blue…that’s her name…is showing flower pistils. Should I continue tucking around with her or should I leave her the tuck alone and let her blossom? Thanks.