*Fanfare* - DieHigh1955's Blue Dream ScroG!


They are looking good @DieHigh55
Nice work buddy


As I’ve never done a ScroG before, I wouldn’t know what looking good should look like, but I’ll take your word for it😁. Installed the net, hopefully when we are back from vacation I’ll be able to start weaving, and not just walking down the sidewalk.


You’ll be fine @DieHigh55


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You’ll be fine @DieHigh55
Me? Fine? Not never!:fist:


Yippee! Good news! Wifey found a new source for cbd oil, so now I can continue with the ScroG project. A question for the scrogmasters @Willd @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Daz @hillcrest21678 and all others: when do you begin trimming the lower leaves and stems, after the weaving starts? Before? And if I’m not mistaken, only during veg period and not during flowering? Thanks for any help, I’ve never done this before but its exciting!


Good Day @DieHigh55 I keep tucking the growing stems under the screen until I have it as full as i am looking for. Then I flip to 12/12 and trim the under. I don’t trim every single leaf as others do but I get the majority of them. I also trim anything that starts to die off from lack of light. @Countryboyjvd1971 can probably elaborate further.


Great info, thank you @bob31 . Do you keep the big fan leaves under the screen and just let the growing stems go through, or are those allowed to poke through too? Hopefully @Countryboyjvd1971 and some of the other Scrogmasters will see the thread and whack some further knowledge into my addled brain. Have a great day!


I try not to mess with the big fan leaves except for the ones that are going to be way under the SCROG. The big fans are really needed by the plant to do their plant thing. Some of them will die off and some strategic trimming to allow some light through the canopy is ok too. Also good for air flow. @DieHigh55

I can tag you over to my grow for a couple of SCROG pics if you haven’t seen what i’ve posted? Most are under LED light but they might help you visualize what I’m saying?


Sure, I’d appreciate it. This seems like a slower technique in general than just tossing some seeds and letting them grow, but should be interesting anyway.


@DieHigh55 I’ve only done this once but saw a 50% increase in yield over the other plants. 3/4 pound from a plant 24" tall? No way!


What did you do, inject it with amphetamines??? Were you constantly topping? I read somewhere that topping each plant once is enough, what was your trick?


Nah, photo periods and I supercropped before the SCROG was added. I didn’t add it until they were nearing 20" high. But they have filled out nicely. I’ll try to take some close shots of the JH grow and tag you. That should answer your questions.

Your girls are pretty!


Aw shucks! blush, blush Maybe I’ll post a progress foto tomorrow, too lazy right now :laughing:. 6 weeks and just under the screen. Yeah Alan, please tag, sometimes my brain absorbs better by seeing what others do.


Day 43 Week 6

  1. (main stem) was topped about 2 weeks ago, should I top/FIM/further mutilate 2,3 and 4, or just leave them alone?
    @Myfriendis410 @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31
    Ive been following your Scrog thread, thought I’d tag you into mine, maybe we can learn from each other @Whodat66


@DieHigh55 can you post that bottom pic by itself? I want to zoom in. Thanks Alan!


@DieHigh55 I start trimming once the branches start hitting screen I’ll start to remove everything below canopy
I will do it in stages and any branches close to canopy I leave to grow threw
But everything else goes


Sure thing @Myfriendis410


Great, thank you for the clarification.


Yeah, let those babies climb up to your screen. Then you can FIM or top as needed. Getting close!


I wonder if @Countryboyjvd1971 could borrow me a Woohoo?