*Fanfare* - DieHigh1955's Blue Dream ScroG!


@Countryboyjvd1971 @Niala @bob31 @Willd @AnneBonny @Myfriendis410 @Donaldj @SmoknGranny @kabongster @Screwauger and all the rest of the good peoples

After SEVEN DAYS, here it is:

Really filling out that screen! Next week probably flip to 12/12 and than chop chop! I will also win the Euromillions lottery and Donald Trump will provide free housing to those who lost their homes in Texas and Florida. Can I get a WooHoo for that ScroG?


Woohoo :open_hands:
Talk about monsters. Great work, Mr. Ambassador.
Any time I feel anything remotely resembling chest pain I cough forcefully several times as you recommended to @Coltfire in the garden topic. My eldest sister turned me on to that “trick” quite a few years ago when she was having cardiac issues of her own. Allegedly that mechanism can thwart or stop a heart attack in its tracks. She is obese, which doesn’t help any


So that coughing trick isn’t B.S.? Good to know if ever it’s necessary. Just hope it never is necessary. And yeah, LAUGH at my ScroG! "“Is this work in competent hands?” “Coitainly, we’re all incompetent!”


Looking good :blush:


Whats the smoke brother ? It must be good :wink:


Blue Dream…seems a popular ScroG grow. Thought I’d give it a try. Look how that baby is spreading out and taking over Luxembourg!


What are you thinking for a yield? Did they go the full three day veg before flower? Nicely done! What are you growing next?

:grin::v::+1::palm_tree: Something a little faster? @DieHigh55


Well, scrog my hide and call me chronic!! :smile:


Well said @bob31


Well, I called a local construction company to borrow a few of their dump trucks to haul the stuff, got a D9 coming to dig 'em up.D9 I’m figuring about 4, maybe 5 pickle jars. Think Ill take a rest after this grow, its been a lot of hard work.




Blue dream is a dream to grow n smoke


That’s what I’ve heard👂


I love this picture where did you get the little piggies


I googled “D9 bulldozer” or something> images. :blush:


Good morning, Scrog Masters @Willd @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @hillcrest21678 @daz49 and any others, the question for today is: how tall should the plants be, say from the rims of the pots as reference, before laying the screen down? Mine are presently 6cm and 15cm (about 2 3/8" and 6"). They’re in a cabinet so I’m kinda limited for sideways space. Thanks for any advice, and have a great day.


@DieHigh55 your screen should be about 25-30 inches off floor and you’ll let you plant grow up into screen
Hope this helps :+1: CB :v::cowboy_hat_face:


Helps a whole bunch, brother, thank you!


Got any new pics of blue dream? Never seen anything grow so fast.


As you requested, sir. They do grow fast, 31 days old and topped 'em today between nodes 5 and 6.