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No worries @Countryboyjvd1971 we all get busy.
Everything is good, temps are down, fan is quiet and we are in the third week of flower. A couple plants are still recovering, but they’ll produce something. The thermostat controlled fan is really the best feature. Just glad I didn’t spend much on first fan so I could upgrade to this one.
Does it look like I need a larger damper based on CFM numbers?

I see that this an old post but looks like a good place for me to post my questions rather than start a new topic.

I’m looking at 3 different makes for an 8” inline fan.

AC Infinity T8
740 CFM
Mixed flow design
12’ corded sensor probe
180w / 2.27 amps
39 dBA
Made in ?
Warranty ?
Intelligent controller - nice features but doesn’t have ability to always have fan running if you set the temp or humidity settings as once it reaches say 75f it completely turns the fan off until temps go above 75. I could be wrong on this but as far as I can tell from manual/reviews etc it doesn’t have Hyteria so if set to Auto with temp or humidity setting it will be off if below/above setting.
Cost $200

Can Pro Series
863 CFM
Mixed flow design
No Probe but built in 3 speed controller - I believe I read it’s not compatible with other controllers (variable type)
13” x 11” x ?
9.8 lbs
186 watts / 1.6 amps
dBA ?
Made in Germany
5 year warranty
Not sure if the standard 3 fan speed setting would be optimal

Hyper fan
710 CFM
Mixed flow design
Built in variable speed controller 35% to 100%
Optional climate controller for more control $100 extra
11” x 11” x 8”
6.5 lbs
75 watts / .65 amps ?
dBA ?
Made in ?
Warranty 5 years
$180 for fan additional $100 for advanced climate controller

If anyone has these fans I would like some feedback.
If there are other models that I should consider please let me know.
One of my deciding factors is getting the best hands off control of the tents (4.5’ x 8’ x 7’) environment. The other is the operating cost running this fan essentially 24/7 365 and the big differences in the models above watts/amps usage and the electric cost to run it say over 4-5 years. For example comparing the Infinity 180 watts and the Hyper fan 75 watts (supposedly numbers are at max speed) there would be quite a bit of saving from electrical consumption of $250-350 or more over the years of use going with the Hyper Fan and I believe the optional controller is able to keep it running at low speed until set temp is reached where it will ramp up speed until setting is met.
A couple minor considerations are size and weight.

One drawback I notice with the Hyper Fan is the lack of a collar to use a clamp on the filter side (intake) and only have seen that connection using duct tape so unless aligned perfectly with filter (pita) may not seal very well. I guess I’m just used to using clamps with connecting ductwork…lol

Anyway if anyone has any thoughts or some feedback if you have one of these models or don’t but have another not listed that I should consider I’m all ears. - doesn’t have to be the same inch size - I would appreciate the input.

Thanks and HAGD


Anyone have any suggestions on my above choices.

I actually use the ac infinity fan and love it had it running constantly since purchasing no issues quite and efficient :+1:


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 for the testimonial on the infinity fan. They seem to be well like by many.
My only concern/question is setting it to always be running yet also ramp up when needed due to temps increasing but never actually turning off ever after cooling temps back to the set point. I’m not clear I guess after reading the manual if this is the case when using the temp/humidity parameter setting?

Thanks again and HAGD

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It has what they call a smart feature that will allow the fan to speed up and or slow down depending on temp range is + or- 10degrees from set point
Auto has less control but is a option as well
Constant off or on

The fan will still shut off 100% if temp drops below that 10 degree so what I found works is setting the temp control to 5 above my lowest light out temp and this will keep the fan at a min when lights are off.
I placed sensor above my lights so once they start to generate heat the fans starts to ramp up
They have a six speed motor so there is a good range of air movement I think you’ll be very pleased with the unit if you move forward @Skydiver


@Covertgrower uses the Infinity Cloudline fan too and highly recommends it. I will be getting one once I upgrade my grow areas :v::bear:


This is an excellent tip, I’ll have to give this one a try. I want the fan to move air at night, but it’s more for the smell. Not trying to exhaust heat. Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 @Skydiver
This fan is still quiet enough to have in your bedroom which is where the grow is currently. Compared to other fans.


Thank you all for your feedback.
Much appreciated


Ditto. It’s in my cart and things keep popping up that are vital so I “save for later” but one of these days before the dog days of summer, I’m pushing the buy button.


I have old 4" model ac infinity, and a 6" hyperfan with the controller. I absolutely love them both, but there are some differences.

The ac infinity is by far quieter than the hyper fan. Even when comparing 6" models. A little more of what I would consider between a buzz and whine out of the hyperfan. It’s not an extremely high or low pitched sound, but more noticeable than the air turbulence. Still considerable upgrade in sound control from typical AC powered fan.

There is less control on the hyper fan controller, by means of pre determined selections. And it does work exactly as you describe you need. You set minimum fan speed and no matter what the fan will go at least that speed. As far as cons, mine was replaced once under warranty. And the settings didn’t exactly coincide with temp/hygrometer combo sensors. That could easily be the sensors though, as neither of them always read the same either. Also, I feel the pin connectors are kinda cheesy. They work fine, but I’m very cautious any time I’m connecting the cables.

I like both fans and would recommend either. I think the ac infinity is a little better fan, but I also think that the hyper fan with controller will be better for your application.


Thanks for the feedback @dbrn32
Tough choice.
Sound isn’t really an issue for me but the power draw is.
Then will h the upgraded controller on the Hyper fan adds another $110 so $95 more than the AC T8” Hmm
Still tossing things around…
Oh by the way I like both the buzz and the whine of fans…lol
Who doesn’t like a buzz and some whine
Yea I had read some feedback about the connection from controller into fan having tug of war issues.

Thanks again for the compare and HAGD


The only whine I like to hear is from the supercharger. Just saying… @Skydiver @dbrn32

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Like the turbo prop engine winding up just before boarding the plane when jumping