Fan suggestions

Sounds awesome @Countryboyjvd1971 I’ll keep you posted. I’m still waiting on ductwork to arrive. Welcome to AK! Lol but the fan is installed in the right position.

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I figure if anyone you will know, will something like this operate as a stand alone unit? Or do you know of something that will?

I think in @Covertgrower’s case an automated damper on outside air would be icing on the cake. If he has a y on his intake duct with something like that on one side and the other side drawing air from shed, he would be golden right?

If I’m visualizing correctly… the tent would normally draw intake air from inside the shed. A thermostat from inside the tent would open this damper and allow cooler air from outside to mix until it reached a temp below set point.

Not sure if I’m missing something? But for the money he has wrapped up in there I wouldn’t expect it to be too big of an issue at that price. I figured they were quite a bit more expensive.

@dbrn32, I use my in-line fan similar to that one along with my Hyper-Fan. The Hyper Fan is connected in a closed loop design and only cools my lights. My in-line fan works independently and pulls cooler air into the room. In most cased the room is negatively pressured because the hyper fan moves more air. I have to pull cooler air from the attic because it’s has a lower temp. That is until the outside summer temperature goes up. Then I will have to rob cool air from the A/C. I’m sure you will like the fan once you get it to operate in an independent manner. I’m still trying to plumb things to my liking before I can get things setup like you. You know more about that sort of thing for sure.

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We’re talking about @Covertgrower’s setup, but no big deal.

I’d like to think I know a little bit about a lot of things, but I’ve only set up a couple of spaces. Relatively a rookie compared to a lot of these guys. Most of what I know comes from my line of work, and just trying to incorporate some of that stuff into operational grow spaces.

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@dbrn32 I’ll be researching that accordingly after work. Hanging drywall at the moment. Thanks for finding that. I didn’t begin to look yet.

@dbrn32 here’s what I found on e of bay. I did find it on the same website, the 6” one was only $100, unless the one you found had more options.
This one claims free shipping, but it might not be after I click buy it now. I think this is exactly what I need. We’ll have @Countryboyjvd1971 thoughts too, I would bet he’s installed one! Im comfortable with wiring it though.
Like you said, put a T after that, so it’ll recycle, or fresh air, or blend. But I’m uncertain if this will open all the way, or partially.


Also found these specs, which basically means for the adequate amount of airflow I’ll need a larger unit than my 6” based on CFM numbers. @dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971

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I’m not exactly sure what’s out there for affordable price, but I would guess the modulating motor is open or closed. They are definitely available where a controller will send either a 4-20ma or 0-10v signal based on how high temp is. The higher temp gets the more it will open, as temp gets closer to set point it will start to close.

Ours are all done through plc at work, so I’m not very familiar on what’s available for residential or commercial type applications. I’m sure when he gets time countryboy will be able to help.

Not sure the passive bypass is way to go. Maybe, but that will mess with your maintaining negative pressure I would think.

Money is no object if it still continues to solve my migraine problems. Seriously though, I can fit this into the budget It’s justified for dialing this grow space in. @dbrn32 Industrial applications are different than residential, but honestly I’ve always leaned towards industrial, mostly for its longevity and somewhat higher quality parts. (Sometimes lol)

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@dbrn32 Even if I have passive bypass seasonally, I could make it work. Maybe some nights it may close during summer, but I would feel comfortable enough to leave it open at night. At least for summer.

A cheap plc will probably set you back a couple thousand bucks, and programming it will probably take a few semesters of community college, you don’t want to go that route.

There is stuff out there that will work at reasonable cost. I’m just not exactly sure what the best one is.

Oh I believe you. There are several at my work, and they’re not small. Larger they get usually they get more complicated. It’s always something making a faulty connection, or a bad circuit but it takes a few hours to chase it down. @dbrn32
I’m sure we will figure out what will work.

So you have a guy, is he worthy enough to let into your grow?

I’m that guy. I fix most everything at work. No worries. @dbrn32

Alright @dbrn32 with the rapid led fixture on it was a balmy 80°. (Very nice) I let the fan run for 5 minutes after I installed the ductwork and lost 5 degrees. I got the ductwork Wednesday but was unable to install it until today. I think lack of airflow was a big part of the issue. New grower fan problems. Thinking this fan will be good enough…
So now I’ve turned on all fixtures, and monitoring temperatures. Its going to go up, but I can adjust the passive intake based on temperatures. This fan moves a ton of air and quietly. I can keep you posted in my journal if you’d like.
EDIT: I have two sensors in the tent. One at canopy level and one at intake to the exhaust fan. Canopy temperatures still remain comfortable about 80.5°. I’ll probably order 2 more SensorPush sensors and monitor air temperatures of the incoming air. More information the better I think.


Awesome! Glad you’re happy with it!

Now, what can I spend your money on next? Lmao!


Pretty sure I have your grow set to watching. I’ll double check and make it that way if it isn’t.

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Glad to hear that’s working out for you!

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Dude sorry :neutral_face: how is everything working out for you