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@dbrn32 @VelcroThumb @1BigFella @Donaldj 4X8 tent. Just verify/looking for opinions to make sure I’m purchasing the proper airflow and maybe one that’s somewhat quiet, but not important. Air movement is priority. As it’s not in a living space but still is discreet… Here’s a model I found.

I currently have this one which I can move to the inlet.


I have the afore mentioned 455 cfm fan in my 4X4 tent. No complaints.

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Did you look at the duct fans from ac infinity? I have 4” cloudline, you would obviously want bigger model. But check out the features! They are also super quiet and pretty efficient too.

I glanced at the in-line fan from ac-infinity and almost considered it. I didn’t think I need the thermostat controls that came with. Is there a boost in efficiency I should be considering? @dbrn32


Just looked. 40w compared to 130w. Losing 100cfm though.
130w rated at 455 cfm
Ac infinity is rated at 351 40W

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Yessir! You can turn the thermostat control off if you’d like. I like it because on the smart setting I think it’s called it ramps fan up if temp drops below, and then back up if they get warm, but it keeps fan running regardless. So if you got into issues hot or cold, it can help without worry of completely stopping airflow like most of the other options.

My 4” is ridiculously quiet. I thought my hyper fan was good, but it doesn’t even compare. Granted that’s a 6”, and temp controller for hyper fan is like another $80. And the efficiency on them is really good.

It may not be worth the cash in your scenario, but thought I would point it out. I never see anyone use or recommend them. Not sure if price is determining factor, or just that they’re relatively new. But the 4” wasn’t terribly more expensive than a decent 4” fan and a separate speed controller. These are dc driven, so much better speed control without any whine or premature bearing failure too. That’s what sold me.


@dbrn32 I hadn’t even considered a separate temperature controller. That may be worth the extra. Right now I’m battling high and low temperatures, this should help. I just know I need to increase air flow significantly to reduce the heat. So I’m going to get some out side air to come in during be day to cool off, and then shut it during the night. The only other option is to reverse the light cycle so they run at night. Those gosh darn china fixtures are really causing problems since I turned them on. I forgot how much heat those things produce. Going to replace them with another rapid led fixture ASAP. So much cooler and better regulated temperatures.

EDIT: Going to shut the boiler off so it doesn’t maintain the 140° during the day. And reinstall insulation back on top to keep some of the heat in. It’s warmed back up to 30°ish even at night. What a difference few degrees makes when it was 15° and struggling. Who says a shed doesn’t have challenges?


I can’t say that fan will solve all your problems, but it seems like it would help anyway. I’ve only had mine out on the bench playing with it. The controller is pretty neat. You can run it as a speed control with no reference to the temp controls if you’d like, and there’s two other functions as well if I remember. Last I knew there was a 6” available and suppose to be an 8” soon.

Before you do anything with the fans, you’re using a carbon filter right? Any chance it’s just a little plugged up? Do you have access to an anemometer? Maybe even if it’s not plugged up it’s restricting the fan you have quite a bit?

@dbrn32 Since I was having issues with heat, I removed it trying to maximize airflow. It didn’t make any difference. They’re not terribly smelly at the moment.
The wattage difference alone I probably should go with that one. Especially since it’s significantly quieter. Don’t need questions raised about my shed regardless. Not that it’s an issue, but I like to keep it that way.


I got ya, was just trying to think outside of the most expensive answer for a minute is all.

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Hey @dbrn32 think I could gain much if I went 8” fan? Just discovered my tent has an 8” sleeve for one. Or am I considering overkill? I went and watered, and opened all the doors and the shed door to vent the 100° temps I’m facing. Also turned the boiler “off” or at least maintaining the 140° and recovered it with insulation. It’ll come on when the house needs it though. I’m thinking designated vents in the floor or a wall to vent in fresh cool air. Disconnecting/turning the vents at night. As it gets closer to summer, I’ll need this to combat the tent heat anyways. Mostly thinking out loud here. Thanks for allowing me to bounce ideas around. I appreciate your thoughts.


I’m here whenever partner, can’t always say I’ll have the answers though haha!

Personally I feel like there’s a point where moving more air doesn’t really help temps much. Not without a big change in intake air temp anyway.

I have oversized every single one of my fans and filters for that exact reason. Usually I run way under capacity and things are fine. The couple of times I’ve ran into issues I could increase my fan speed from like 50-75% and see a little difference, but it didn’t make a big difference going from 75%-100%. It wasn’t until I made some changes to intake air temp that I got results I needed. Then I was able to maintain even at lower fan speed. If that makes sense?

That being said, I always try to have a little more than I need. Especially with things like dimmers for lights and speed controllers for fans. There’s nothing that agitates me more than having to buy something twice lol.

What I’m wondering is if there’s a way to mix some cool outside air into your intake? It would have to be somewhat controlled obviously. But taking a glance at your setup, anyway you may be able to do something like that?

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Yes, bringing in outside air can be as simple as cutting a hole somewhere for an intake. I think this also offers the best solution. Mixing would be fairly simple with just a louver. Thanks for suggestion. I’ll try and work on this later this week.
It does make sense to make it bigger and use less. When you need a little extra it’s there. But maybe an 8 inch sized fan is overkill. @dbrn32

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I’m thinking so. There’s probably plenty of headroom beyond what you should need in most 6” fans.

As far as the air mixing, I wasn’t thinking of going as far as cutting a hole. I was thinking maybe if you could even duct your intake vent to a drafty corner or something? Not sure such a spot exists, but it beats the hell out of cutting a hole in the shed on an experiment.

Not sure what ambient temp in shed generally is? But If you have to make a hole, I’m curious if you could make it more like a drilled hole. And then just use a hose or pipe that into your intake somehow. Not really sure, just throwing some ideas around. You really don’t want to create a situation where you’re going extreme cold during lights out to maintain during lights on.

@dbrn32 It would be no problem cutting a hole, I’m pretty certain this will be a permanent grow space and designated for mostly this purpose. I can cut a specific sized hole, with a hole saw.
I currently have the vents directed at a drafty area, and it’s not enough. So this is the next step. Usually extreme cold only happens for a few weeks here so, closing all vents to recirculate to stay warm at night would be ok. It’s pretty mild, and pretty much deal with “fall” temps for most of the year. I can just recirculate some air just inside the shed. The lights should produce enough heat. (Even the efficient one) Summer I could run intake and exhaust open to the outside and it would be fine even at night I think. That’s also where the temperature controlled fan comes in. I really think that would be best and only drives efficiency higher with the ability to turn off when it gets too cold.

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You don’t have to convince me, I was just trying to walk through some less permanent solutions before you went hacking holes in your shed bro.

If you think that’s what is going to make the most sense, give it a shot.

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Maybe I was more just trying to convince myself. Lol. I’ll order that efficient fan soon. @dbrn32

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Let me know what you think when it comes in!

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@dbrn32 Will do!