Fan problem or not but need you!


thought about hearing what you think about using a fan in the bottom hole of a tent when I’m still using a pretty powerful blower fan up and out from tent?

have read that it is unnecessary to use a fan down when you still have a fan that blows out.

Feel free to come up with tips that can be useful.


That’s the one I use, and it has a built in controller. Uses only 43W on high.



I don;t believe i’ve welcomed you ylu ILGM So with that said Welcome to ILGM and our world of growing and to our community.

A fan is a must for the stems om your plant or plants. So ys it sure is. Askany time if you want. Your friend


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I use my 4" inline for the carbon filter extraction and also have this Jerry rigged fan. Box is to keep light out while having flap open

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I think you are asking about using an inlet fan in conjunction with an exhaust fan. If so, you shouldn’t need one unless your tent is too warm and you need additional cool air brought into the tent.
If you do get into this situation, put the inlet fan on a speed controller. If you push too much air in, your tent will billow out and the scent will push past the zippers, vents etc.

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Yee thats what I meen my friend have a fan inside his tent for the airflow good for stam but you can press them to so they get stronger.
But the fan whid controller longer up here was good one/so gona tell my dude.


Thanks maan!