Fan leaves

do the fan leaves always turn yellow and start to dye when getting close to harvest or can the fan leaves stay pretty green if getting close to harvest

Yes, they do start turning yellow when nearing finishing. You should water only the plant say the week before you plan to harvest this will force the plant to feed off itself reducing sugars and nutrient it has stored and will make for a better smoke.
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Depends on the strain and how you have fed the plant. Some strains will keep their leaves healthy and entirely green all the way through the end of harvest. But most, especially when the nutrients are intentionally becoming sparse due to flushing and other practices, the big lower fan leaves will usually yellow.

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Yes! :slight_smile: All mine do…

because I have a blue berry growing and the trichomes are getting milky and some are even getting amber but the fan leaves are healthy and green I don’t want it to start loosing it’s potency its been in the budding stage for 49 days I no it should be in budding for at least 70 to 80 days

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No, you only have about a week left, 56 total average days in flowering stage for blueberry. My blueberry did not get yellow leaves either. But I wasn’t very aggressive with a flush the last few weeks of flower. Don’t worry about the color of the leaves as much as the color of the pistils(“hairs”) and trichomes.


Ok thanks for the info, you guys are great help.

Oh yeah. If you can monitor your trichomes and they are milky; It is a matter of taste and personal choice from here, as to when to flush and harvest. Dried rd pistils indicate maturity and give you a sign that finish is coming. after that you harvest exclusively using the cloudy/amber % you prefer in the final yield. :slight_smile:

Thanks latewood checked trichomes again giving it one more week. Will post a picture of this baby before taking her down. Hooch

I have 3 White Widows that have been on the 12 hr light schedule since Nov 1. Today day (Jan 21) is day 82, and Robert’s details for the strain seem to indicate 65 days is more typical. I check in on them every day and while and the fan leaves are yellowing off as expected, the pistils are still pretty much white and I can’t see that the trichomes changing at all. For a first attempt I’m pretty happy with how they are looking, and I’m getting really anxious to harvest. I’m tempted to pull the plug on them at 12 weeks (84 days) even if there are no appreciable changes in the next few days.

Do I need to be talked down off the ledge, or have I waited long enough?

Yes, don’t jump off that ledge. If you are still getting lots new white hairs/pistils, that means new calyxes as well, meaning more/bigger buds. Keep an eye on those trichomes just to be sure everything there doesn’t start turning too dark.

The intensity of light as well as the spectra can have a great effect on the length of the flowering. I’m pretty sure the flowering estimate is under nearly ideal conditions and under very intense light. Less intense lighting and other factors may very well contribute to longer flowering periods.

Speaking of fan leaves, near the end some plants will have fan leaves and understory leaves turn yellow, then brown and die. What do people do with these? Compost? Stuff pillows? Just bury or burn them?

According to the ILGM - Huge Buds Guide

Remove yellow leaves
Once it has entered the flowering stage, the number one thing to speed up your plant’s bud growth is to remove any dying leaves.

These leaves can be identifying by their yellowing color. They are a lost cause, and they are using up your plant’s energy and resources that could be focused on bigger and better things (namely, the buds). Take away the yellowing leaves to conserve these resources.


Sure, I know that. As soon as they come off the plant easily, I pull them off. If I don’t they tend to fall on and shade some buds.

But what are people doing with them? I’ve got a whole paper bag full.

Hi @1BigFella, Further down the page on the link I supplied above it states:

Instead of discarding these leaves, keep them and cure them properly. They have a high enough THC content that you can make cannabutter or weed brownies in case you run out of weed or while you are waiting for the big harvest.

In that paragraph there are links on how to make the cannabutter and brownies…

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Hi guys, I am growing 2 plants for medical need and they have been growing for 2 months already under 300,watt viperspectra leds. However I think I have a problem. Look at the pics, docyou think the problem is that there is not enough light or maybe some nutrient problem? Any helpcwill be highly appreciated!

Either your PH is way off, or you have not fed them well.

Also LED’s will not penetrate that tall canopy; So nutrients may be lacking due to inefficient lack of light intensity.

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Thanks a lot! I didn’t fed them at all since planting as I was away and a friend watered them. Do you think that feeding them with nutrients and switching to 1200w led will help them regenerate? The plants were 3 in total with the same symptoms, but my friend put one of the outside in the garden and within a week all leaves turned great green again and started growing. Maybe it is only the light that was weak?

here the one which was the same as the other 2 but within a week it changed to normal

Does your 300 watt LED draw 300 watts from the wall? Or is that some kind of HID lamp equivalent that is really 120 watts or something? I ask because most LED manufacturers pull that trick. I do know my 400 watt HPS lamp is growing one plant in a 3 x 3 closet and it’s doing okay. Not dropping a lot of fan leaves though, and the buds are huge. Waiting now for amber trichomes.

I have one viperspectra 300w burning 160w from the wall. Those plants were under this led. I bought 2 new bestva 1200w double chip 10w per led. I connected them few days ago in the room and we will see how it goes. Bestva 1200w draws 270watts which is strange. Do you think that they are more efficient or I should consider them more like 600w leds? The are really bright.