Fan leaves turning purple on super silver haze

I am 9 weeks into flower in a five by five tent with 4 super silver haze and 2 ak47, all started from seed from ILGM. About a week ago when I switched my nutes to final “ripe” solution, I’m using botanicare cns17, the fan leaves on three SS and one ak47 started to turn dark purple. I know nighttime temps can do that if it gets too cold but that’s not the case. Night time temps running high 60s to low 70s. I’ve checked tricombs and a few are ready to harvest so I’m going to start the final flush. I was looking for some help as to why the purple? Is that a normal thing on the SS because of the haze genes? I will be running more SS in the next grow so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure it would harm it but I am really interested as I am going to start some SSH when my order comes in. Would love to have purple leaves on mine if it doesn’t harm the plants.
Got a picture ? Good luck on your harvest !


My super silver did not do this.

The fact that both the ak and ss are dong it means there is maybe a nutrient deficiency or “lockout”.

Cold temps can do this also, but I don’t think you are getting cold enough, you need to be in the low 60 or maybe even into the 50’s to have cold contribute that much to purple-ing.

Flushing might be a contributor, it is very likely something to do with all of them getting the same nutrient mixture.

What is the pH in the root zone?

Try filling out the support ticket info, it might give us a idea of what is going on: