Fan leaves look terrible?

Good afternoon all I’m checking on my plant I am a new grower definitely a beginner my plant has been looking very well up until the last few days the fan leaves
re my concerns see the pics I sent see if you can figure out maybe what my problem is thanks

Is it isolated to the lower fan leaves?

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Looks like a little bit of nute burn if anything at all.

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Seems to be about middle of plant.plant is 7ft tall.all other leaves look ok

Thank s

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It normal for plants to shed leaves as they mature, though they usually shed the bottom fan leaves first. I’m not sure I would worry about it if it’s isolated to only a few leaves.

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Thanks again should I leave these leaves on the plant or should I pull them off? I used chicken soup on it . Thanks again

You can cut the yellowed ones off. They won’t heal. I’d leave those with just a few blemishes on the plant.

I don’t understand what you are saying.

Sorry about that it’s called doctor jims z for the soil plant food

NPK ratio 4-2-0 no potassium in that fertilizer

I would use a proper cannabis fertilizer that includes all macronutrients (NPK) and micronutrients such as copper, zinc, iron, boron, and so on.

Jim’s claims to be great, but if it doesn’t include everything a plant needs, then it’s not a good product.

Jack’s is a good whole product solution, as is the FF Trio.

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