Fan leaves indication of potency?

Was at the hydro shop the other day - my wife showed the shop owner pics of some leaves that she had put into a glass picture frame. The shop owner commented that she had a fan leaf with 11 leaves on it - and that leaf was from a more potent strain. Is that true, does a higher THC strain have more leaves on a fan leaf? Never heard of this before so just wondering if there is any truth to it?

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No, no truth in that at all. Most strains will grow 11 point leaves given long enough to do so. I’ve grown huge outdoor sativas that had 15 point and even a few 17 point leaves.


Ive never even heard that.

That guy probably sells blurple led panels.


Yeah, I wouldn’t believe anything that guys says after that bs.

Welcome to the community.! Number of fingers on leaf does not relate to THC potency of plant.

Welcome to ILGM, @Russell1 :v: