Fan Leaves Cut or Tuck.?

Plants are in week 5. First time grower. I started some low stress training after looking at journals and videos. It seems most people tuck the fan leaves underneath to get them out of the way of the light. I’m curious as to why don’t we just get rid of some of the fan leaves by cutting them. Is it true prevent the plant from going into shock?

Wait til next week. 2 1 days 42 days and 2 weeks before chop is best time. If u notice the plant is not doing anything right now u can defol it. Do a good defol too they will grow back real quick like lol

If a plant is at work making roots or doing something specific when u defol it does stress on the plant so the plant will stop what its doing to repair the bad that was caused thats why there is a certsin period when to do certain stuff. I also take off the branches at the bottom. If the top of the branch or bud dont make it a third if the way up the plant it goes buh bye. Sux to trim first off and that low they dont amount to anything really but for extracting or something like.

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