Fan leaves…clip em or leave them?

Alot of different ways and styles. Nice layout.

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I’m usually heavy on the defoliation. I especially take off the huge fans that get in the way of ties when doing LST. I’ve only plucked eight leaves this grow, about 6 weeks in, and these are the healthiest looking plants I’ve grown indoors. I know correlation doesn’t equal causation, but I can tell a difference. Fans are safe til day 21 of flower…

I like heavy defoliation at the bottom, selective defoliation at the top.

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Lol, how do you reach them all?

It depends… My tent is a 2x4 in 7 gallon bags. I really have to twist the plants with finess to get majority of leaves in the back of the tent. I try to avoid removing the plants if they’re huge. I also defoliate in stages: for me, I defoliate before flip (a day or 3), defoliate at day 30ish of flower, and then leave her be, with minor leaf removal. Those above are autos, which I had to do differently. After that, they stay in their permanent place. You could also put your pots on plant caddies with wheels to swivel them for defoliation. But if they are in their permanent home, then youll have to get creative.

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