Fan leavers when to take off

can i take fan leavers of bruce banner plants in veg and any tips be great thanks

I usually don’t touch the fan leaves in veg unless they turn completely yellow, or they’re in direct contact with the soil. Then they easily pull off.

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ok great thanks

Pick off yellow leaves. Green leaves are still producing plant goodies.

Your fan leaves are the solar panels of your plant. There is a lot of debate on defoliating. U have to decide if the plant is better or worse off if u do it. Sometimes u have to Bc the inside is getting no air or light no matter how much u tuck. But if that’s not an issue I would let them stay. In flower the bigger ones can go but in veg they are the source of your energy.


Wow that’s great info thank you

That’s great thanks for the information

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@anon95385719 nailed it!


Any suggestions what my PPM should be going into the third week of veg with Bruce Banner thanks a lot guys

Are you in soil? What type? What’s the ppm of your water before adding anything?

Hi mate 670 and I’m growing hydro got ppm at 1540
Ph 6.0


Have you got any suggestions on good strains with a good yield thanks forgetting back to me really appreciate it

Sorry ppm 670 with nothing added

Sorry, I can’t help with that. I grow in dirt

Ok thanks any tips on good strains thanks again

Just harvested some ilgm grandaddy purple. Really smooth smoke, great active high, yield was good. 10oz dried bud from 2 plants. 3-4 oz popcorn and trim.
Currently growing Bruce banner #3 from ilgm and skywalker og from ilgm. Both are huge plants and just beginning to flower. Bb#3 should produce a heavy yield.

Come back with a smoke report on the sky walker og if u don’t mind. I think it’s absolutely nasty and can’t smoke it but I gave some to @raustin and she loves it. Just curious. Thanks


Hi mate Sorry not tried that one