Fan leafs, to trim or not to trim

Have a 4x4 with 5 Berg.Gold Leaf. Plants are just getting into fast veg after being pinched at 3rd node. I have huge fan leaves on each plant that are shading other new leaves. Question, would I be doing harm trimming these extra large fan leaves? Will it disturb photosynthesis?


Only remove leaves if the health of the plant is at risk. Try tucking before doing anything else but if you have to remove a few; it won’t harm the plant.


just gently tuck them up out of the way

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I will let them be for now and see how it looks a week from now. Thanks for responding!


try and see big fan leaves as Solar Panels for your plant :sun_with_face:

I grow by sunlight in a conservatory and use mirrors …the sun moves…rather quickly for a smoker. :sunglasses:

I’m also in the same boat. I’ve been tucking my leaves but they are growing relentlessly

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All 3 strains were sprouted in jan 20th making them 34 days old and on their 2nd week of fox farm nutes. All 4 plants recently topped 3 days ago and growing vigorously. Water them all with 3 cups of nute water split between everything 2x a day once in the morning before lights go off and once in the afternoon after they come back on. 18/6 light schedule and viparspactra 1350 light

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I wouldn’t take any leaves yet. You just topped. Give her another week and your lower growth should be grown out enough to tuck some leaves and get light where you need to. You could raise light a few inches to get a bit more stretch which will space things out some and give you something to train.

Light is all the way to the ceiling already lol. I’ve been tucking leaves but they are a bit too small to actually stay in place over the giant leaves

Is the intensity adjustable? If not I’d still wait a week. Tucking becomes much more practical when the lower growth grows out some. I usually leave them alone for atleast 2 weeks after topping to see how they respond naturally.

As a last resort go for it. They have plenty of leaves and won’t care. Just take it easy.

Light intensity is adjustable i believe its at 60% on the veg channel and 0% bloom so its just a certain color More or less. Are you suggesting I raise or lower the intensity?

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My suggestion is to lower the intensity. Overall your plants seem rather squat. If that’s by design, right on. If you are worried about light penetration, then getting things opened up would help. You lower the intensity, they stretch up a bit. Now you can train them to get max light penetration (I like to supercrop to this effect). This is mostly stylistic and there are many routes to growing fine cannabis. Those are just my thoughts. More leaves you can leave on the plant in veg the better. But it is a juggling act sometimes. I rip fans off whenever I feel like it’s worth it, veg or not. But ideally I just let them grow and train when it makes sense and rarely take leaves in veg.

Remember the fans are like solar cells for your girls while they are young. I vote to leave. I have 2 Gelato Cake that are around 1 week older and they look the same way. Super growth. Golato OG, not as much.