Fan for cooling tent

I got the duct fan installed. Even not on highest setting it’s really blowing air. Really loud on max so doubt I could go that high, but my temps aren’t going down. Middle of the day now n up to 85f in tent. Room 75 n whole house at 78f. I do have a ceiling fan on in the room at max setting. I don’t know why temps are what they are. I feel lots of air coming out where fan is, its near the top n hot air rises. I have vents open at bottom. Do I really just need 2 oscillation fans or. Is it better to intake air at bottom of tent vs exhaust at top??? Or what else can I do? Not too worried about higher temps in veg, but in flower when it’s too hot, I’ve already had fleets with zero smelll after all the terps evaporated off

Sounds like you are doing as best you can. I imagine you see the sides of the tent sucking in. Keep flaps open if you can. Yeah the oscillating fans do help. But they don’t last. I had one eaten by a plant that got too close. And the oscillator is going on my second one.
You can only do so much between the tent and ambient room conditions. I’ve got a corner of a shed blocked off with a portable air conditioner. I do better with the tent open. During the summer it still gets mid to upper 80’s in there on the hot days. Usually averages low 80’s thru most of the summer.
The girls do stay very thirsty when they get hot.

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