Fan /Carbon filter? 4x4x9 ft space

So many options, I am looking for performance and longevity. I am building a 4x4x9 ft space, and I am trying to find a good reliable inline fan that is compatible with a good carbon filter. How is the Phresh filter? I think I like the non pellet carbon, but am looking for some guidance. Looking at the Hyper fan Stealth v2 as well, but has some bad reviews. I am so confused on which brands and models. Need it to be somewhat quiet as well. Please help, I’m trying to grab all my equipment in the next few weeks. Already got my ROI-E680 LED. Thank you in advance for your time and expertise.

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I’m going to follow this as well. I have a 4x4x6.5 with a 6inch fan and carbon filter with 390 cfm. My intake fan is much less powerful and I only run the exhaust fan at what I believe is 50% (lowest setting). For me it seems like too much right now, but I think that that power will be useful later when the plants grow and start to flower. My humidity is low for veg with this set up, currently trying to fix that. One person suggested smaller fan. I’m new here, but @Covertgrower has already been helpful for me.
Good luck

Most members here use AC Infinity exhaust fans. Energy efficient, the 6” uses 43W on high.

AC Infinity also makes carbon filters now. Haven’t ordered one yet.
Phresh filters have been good as well.

4x4 tent, is that light going to be adequate? Can you post a picture of the specs? Or an amazon link?


Nice light, that will rock a 4x4.

I’d get the AC infinity S6 or T6 (if you want a nice temp and RH display controller) and a 6" AC Infinity carbon filter.

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Thanks @Hellraiser I wasn’t sure. Do you have a link? I wouldn’t mind looking.

Edit. Found it. Pretty bad ass.

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I just want to thank you all for your advice. Appreciate you looking out for a newbie. I feel so green, there is so much to figure out. Now I need to decide which fan/filter will be best for my space. I think the Presh filter is for me, just need to find a fan.

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This fan comes highly recommended by many growers on here. They’re very quiet.


Phresh is pretty much all I have used. I had good coupon code for ac infinity and ordered a couple of theirs, haven’t used yet though.

@dbrn32 Phresh is all use use for fans? I will 100% get the Phresh filter, because I like granulated carbon. I know everyone on here says the AC Infinity fans are good, but I guess just because it’s on Amazon I have a hard time believing it. I read the reviews and they are pretty damn good. I am shipping all this and setting it all up in another country so I am looking for equipment that is well made too, I won’t be able to use any warranties or do any returns. Decisions?.?.?

I have all ac infinity fans currently in use. I have the original hyperfan too, nothing wrong with them just not as quiet.

Ac infinity sells direct, they are also for sale on Amazon.

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I also buy all my AC Infinity fans direct from company not amazon.

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Just want to say thank you to everyone on here. All your experience and help is very generous. I think I’m going to go with the AC Infinity T6 and the Phresh 6" inline Carbon filter. Will these fit together well? Will I need to buy a flange or something? Thanks for the help.