Fan and sugar - what next?


Enough to fill a several tea bags, [5g], what else?

hasn’t been decarbed, just dried and run through a coffee grinder.


What do you want to do?


Not waste it! :slight_smile:


Just looking for a good idea to get a cool-buzz


Sorry, I’ll clarify. These are the fan and sugar leaves from my first grow, and I want the best way to enjoy them.


Bubble hash or decarb to make cannabutter. If you use the ice water method you can apparently also use the left over water to make hard candy (there is a thread about that on here somewhere).

I’m going to try dry ice bubble hash method when I harvest.


I pitch the fan leaves FYI. But being old school I like a good old fashioned doobie! That’s what I usually do with it but I took an ounce or so yesterday and made bubble hash. Wow!


I’ll try a bowl and see, but I’m thinking with the fan leaves it might be harsh.

@Bogleg, I like the idea, but considering it is about 50/50 fan leaves and only 5g, could I actually get decent hash out of it?


So I just joined this forum and I’m on my first grow but I’ve been making edibles for a few years now. I’ve also been cooking professionally for 20+ (just to give you some background). I made butter with some trim a friend of mine gave me, granted I had about 4oz, but it worked just fine. Made some great baked goods. If you use the water method to make your butter you can use really any amount of trim, other methods require much larger amounts. If you want more info just gimme a holler and I’ll be glad to help!


Just start a new thread and lay down your recipe. … all thoughts are welcome.


Sorry, but since I started the thread, and was asking for just this kind of response, let’s just see the recipe (and others) here!



I make butter frequently, with AVB (already-vaped-buds) but the vaping and the slow-cook in butter take care of any decarb. I use a soux-vide and cook at 95C for about 3-4 hours in a sealed mason jar.

I was hesitant to decarb just leaves, fearing a crispy mess and waste. Not afraid to do it if I have proper temps and times.


Been cooking amateurishly for 40 :wink: I’m from NOLA and have always cooked.


@Whodat66 I did not decarb the leaves I used. I only ever do that with buds. And I too use sous vide, almost no better way!

in regard to recipes, since you have your method and ratio for making your butter already the only thing i can tell you is that i used 2.5x the amount of trim compared to bud. it made a more than decent butter for me. my most recent endeavors have been in to making tinctures. Personally i think it’s way more versatile that the butter. I like to get a little more creative that just cookies, brownies, etc. I’m in to making taffy, gummies, stuff, suckers, and stuff like that. this is where a tincture can really help!

i use everclear, 190proof at the same ratio you would to make butter. i use a 1/2oz per cup of alcohol.
then you can add it to your mason jar and lightly seal it, kinda like if you were canning tomatoes or something like that. set your circulator anywhere between 55c and 71c. let her go for about 8 hours or so and you’ll want to agitate it periodically, nothing crazy, just swirl it around a bit. strain it and let it cool.
you can drink this stuff if you want to an get a wicked buzz. but i use this in place of oil based flavorings for gummies and hard candy. i just reduce the tincture down to the amount of flavoring a recipe calls for and add that right in. of course the reduction can work in just about anything but be ready for a strong flavor.


My only option for now is decarbing while doing cannabutter in crockpot in my garage. I’m in the process of reorganizing the garage to add a toaster oven to decarb in. And the best news for me is that butter is on sale this week :grinning: First batch I cooked 24 hours but I’ve seen where others go to 3 days :thinking:



i have never heard of letting it go this long? i feel like even in a crockpot you’re going to end up with crispy buds and it’s going to taste burnt. i mean you’re using butter fat and effectively frying the buds at a really low temperature. i would be scared to let it go that long.


My thoughts exactly :blush::+1:


@cooknkd SO What YOUR Saying Is Halloween is always exciting at your house! Lol :wink:


@suctionmed hell yea! adults only for trick-or-treating here!


I tried to do a tincture and used the Magical Butter machine. Man it was strong. I did drink it because I wasn’t sure what else to do with it. I almost couldn’t tell if I was getting high or drunk on a shot. I tried to put it in tea but it wasn’t very good and then I wasn’t sure what to do with it or use it in. I thought about trying to reduce but I have a gas stove and wasn’t going to risk it.

I make hard candies but always get concentrated cannabis oil from the dispensary for it so I’m curious on your methods and ideas that you use the tincture in.