Familymans Mixed Bag Grow


Thanks man. Not sure how I feel about the 3500k but I’m sure they’ll do the job


Room looks great! One of my flower tents is 3500k and it produces some pretty good weed :wink::v::bear:


Great to hear. Maybe now I like them.


Lol, they’ll be fine


Thanks all. I was surprised at how easy it was to build the frame. I just predrilled some holes and then used some self tapping stainless screws. Hardest part was getting the spread right. My only regret is that I didn’t buy 4 boards when I had the chance.


Three vero29c on rapid pin sinks driven by hlg-240h-c1050a is a thing. I think vero29b or luminous cxm-22 on 1400ma driver would land you in about same boat if there’s a significant amount of savings there.

Based off of how you run everything in a line, there may be some value in building two smaller 2 cob lights too. Condensing your boards and dropping 2 cobs with reflectors at each end. Its an idea for a work around anyway.


Cool. I’m kinda curious about the cobs and how they compare to the QBs. The qb light engines are in consideration too.


Just a little update from the farm.


Very nice dude!


Thanks! The perpetual grow is in motion


That it is @Familyman ! Everything looks great! You sure you don’t want to finish off that basement :wink:


Hehehe. If my whole family knew what I do then I would. I have to keep it contained for when guests come over.


At my house? Pfft what guests? lol


Lucky. They come over to see the kids lol. No one wants to see my crotchety ass.


Ordering this guy to add to my lab. Hopefully it’s not a rip off.


It’s been ordered lol. CAnt wait to clone some of these Jack Herer plants. Next on to do list is to build a COB fixture.


Does the desire to add and improve ever go away??


No @Familyman it doesn’t! I’m always looking for new toys or different ways to do things and make them more efficient. Some work and some don’t :wink::v::bear:


It’s just like reef tanks. Only not quite as expensive.


I went out to my shed in search of something and ended up taking crap out of the attic because I thought there was more metal up there that could possibly be my next QB frame. Now that I’ve added hydro, I’m constantly looking at containers and such​:roll_eyes::joy::joy:…I assume, it never ends. Oh and then there is the constant next strain to try always on my mind. :joy::v::green_heart: