Familymans Mixed Bag Grow


@dbrn32 you know much about these or goof with them at all??


Haven’t had one yet, but i have a box of those heatsinks in garage. What would you like to know?


Just how effective they are compared to full qb’s.


Depends on how you plan to use them. They can take a lot of current but will cost you some efficiency and need to be run a little higher.


Hmmmm. Always take offs I guess. I should have just bought 4 of QBs when I had a chance.


Are they out of stock?


God yes :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


You can do something with qb 96. Or 120’s, or chilled tech, or cobs lol. Something will be in stock.


I was looking at the vero29 v7


Works for me. They’re available in 3 voltages, you want 50v or 69v if you can swing it.


I’m thinking I can build my own and it be pretty good.


Probably. What are you thinking for layout?


Probdly 4 in a series similar to how timber makes theirs.


I meant in your room haha, but that could work fine.


@dbrn32 Here’s how the project came out


Looks great! Your basement is turning it into quite the grow op :wink:


If I could fill it completely with plants I would. Thanks


LOL I know you would! Give you some time you might figure out a way to swing it :wink:


I would if they didn’t smell so much


Looks great, nice work!