Familymans Mixed Bag Grow


I’m waiting on a deal to get a look at the VIP forum. The one thing I have noticed is that when members in the VIP forum have a question, support posts their questions here to be answered… why is that?


I used some of that Kansas Killer for helmet camouflage when i was in the Army at Ft Riley everybody did. ,And yes we had to try it.


Omg :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I already paid my money and am suppose to know how, I cant join a pay forum :mage:


@GreenCoat can you point me to an instance of this happening?


My mistake… it clearly says “not”

I misread the content at the start and just read the following post

Maybe it used to happen and they cleaned it up


I’m not really sure where the term VIP was dubbed, it’s not really like that. It’s just a separate forum, that looks a lot like this one. It’s not publicly accessible and is a lot smaller group. Half of the active members there are or were members here.

I’m not sure about the questions. I don’t think those are directed from over there, or at least I’ve never noticed it.


now knowing i was mistaken i’ll be more inclined to sign up for the lab


I was fairly certain I saw one of the support members say a burgman lab member question… but I did a search and couldn’t find it so I must have been wrong


I’m sure everyone there would be happy to have you. I just didn’t want you to think it was something other than what it is. Most people seem to focus on the forum, but the training modules are probably more valuable than the forum for most.


May have been, I will pay more attention.


Maui Wowie on the way! 100% germ


Updates from the garden


Your garden looks like a forest. :deciduous_tree: after :deciduous_tree:.


This grow is kinda outta control. Kinda over did it but I’m committed now


Dude you have a monster garden. I could imagine the commitment haha


It helps keep me sane.


It’s funny because I feel like I spent all this time and money trying to figure out how to not have to spend every minute in my garden, just so I can go down there and spend every minute in my garden… only now I don’t really have much to do other than look at them. So it’s like I keep adding things to it so I have some reason to regularly go down there. :smiley:


Your exactly right lol. I find any excuse to get in there to do something.


Haha admire where your money is going