Familymans Mixed Bag Grow


Killing it!


Looking sweet :grin: I ordered my 1 gallon pots tonight :wink: still have time just getting things ready.

Missiles's Shenanigans!

Do you have some clones going??


Not yet I have everything ready for them when I do take them but I’m letting my plant that I’m going to clone get a little bigger. It’s just a matter of time now :wink:


OK just had to say something about the huge pruning shears in the above photo!

Love it!~


Haha. Thwy are for the day I get colas so big I have to use them and if I catch anyone trying to steal my product.


Ok finally got into the vip forum got some nice information


So what your sayin is this is the last time I’ll talk to you :cry:


Haha - I doubt that. I’m still around over here. So are a bunch of others like @TDubWilly, @MattyBear, and @dbrn32.


No I’ll always be on here


Did you get a deal on it??


My guess to this is, " because these guys love to help others."



No i just did the 138 and got in so now my next seed order can’t get over 250 now :sob::sob::sob:


You must order a lot of seeds


I paid full price too. I decided that for me the free, public forum was so invaluable to my growth as a grower that ILGM deserved some more of my cash. Turns out, at least for me, it’s already paid for itself several times over.


You’d be right about that :wink:


Well im addict to seed collecting and the first step is admitting it but if they would quit coming out with new and more exotic stuff but it’s only money right lol :laughing::laughing::laughing:


I think a good portion of members there would consider that a deal. I was actually chatting with a member there today. He’s since become manager of a hydro shop, saved hundreds doing various DIY projects, and is now building custom lights for hire I’m pretty sure, and running 50 plants about to take down his third harvest. I think he started growing a year ago.

Not to say you need to go there to do any of those things. But he wouldn’t be where he is had he not. Sounds a lot like what @Bogleg said.


Your going to need a bigger boat :man_farmer:


I’ve seen the seed collection you posted…

Outrageous I tell ya!!!