Familymans Mixed Bag Grow


All good dude, I plan on getting into that guest bottle of scotch at some point anyway.


@raustin @blackthumbbetty haven’t heard from you ladies in a while seeing how’s it goes.


Hey, hey, I’m here! Still growing and smoking, just kinda slacking with updates.

I think it’s all the smoking?


Ok. I’ve been growin too. Not much smoking though. I’m too greedy lol. Great hearing from you!


I see you’re keeping busy! Surely you can spare some for personal use? :grinning:


Hahaha. I do sometimes. Depends on how the kids are on any given day.


Got 1 off them. 1month old now. S alls tasty already


Damn boredom. Dropped a couple Maui Wowie beans.


your a man on a mission bro. good to watch. cheers for being a part of ILGM. Pearler.


i will offer a bowl of Maui this morning to the smoke gods for your new babies to be !


I’m obsessed with this hobby. Just growing helps with my anger and anxiety. Very similar to when I kept bonsai trees.


you might be able to give me a few pointers. ive got a pot belly fig. not sure bout proper formation. certainly wont be a cascade form. had it for a year ourselves.


Supposedly you can bonsai a cannabis plant…


Really? Love to see that


What’s a pot belly fig?


I’m guessing it’s the name of a type of bonsai tree. Hehe


Just gotta pull em out of pot n trim the root ball. Then re pot man. Keep it reasonably small. The pot that is.


Uploading: 15523401641701128130196.jpg…



Looks like the SOG plants are taking a shining to the new light. Starting to see a canopy kinda form.