Familymans Mixed Bag Grow


One of the better Amazon purchases I have made.


Also got 5 BGL transplanted into airpot this evening. Gonna veg then for another week and then throw them into the flower room


I’ll grab that but I’m pretty sure I’m done with lights now. Lol. Maybe…


No problem. I use them for all kinds of stuff, but I may do more stuff requiring them too.


nice job @Familyman quality shows in what you have done your garden is inspiring sir.

i have learned to leave some of my “projects” only 90 /95% finished kinda insurance i stay around see i will be the only one to know what i did and how to finish it lol…


I have an old house full of those projects lol.


@bryan here is a blue cheese clone


@dbrn32 I may just try flowering the left over clones in the cups. Why not.


Oaseeds have the Maui waui on sale!!! Thanks for the reading ordered myself those and jet fuel too :slight_smile:


Nice job @Familyman :grin: it looks great!


Your going to like them every time I get on there my cart ends up with 300 dollars worth of seeds and now with the apricot strains i can’t decide which one to get.


That’s fine.


@ThcinKC if you ever decide to order from pacific seed bank, I have a coupon code for 15% off.


So here is the light in action @dbrn32 thanks for the help on this. I think I’ll be happy.


@dbrn32 should I be removing the little side nodes and just leave the tops??


Ya, but only when you have to. If I have one getting up into another plant but a couple that are within the pots footprint, I’ll remove the longer one. Right now the plants touching a little will encourage some vertical growth, and that’s a good thing.

You’ll see what I’m referring to over next couple weeks.


Thanks man. Honestly with all the help I feel like I need to send you some samples lol


I’m excited to see how this all works out. Cool little project.


I’m excited too. I’m going to take notes from you to use later :wink: so you should ask @dbrn32 all the questions you want and then I won’t have to ask as many when I do it LOL :wink:


Update pics.