Familymans Mixed Bag Grow


@dbrn32 hey, how do I wire these in series with only one set of connectors on each board.


Pos from driver to pos on board 1. Neg from board 1 to pos on board 2. Neg on board 2 to pos on board 3. Neg on board 3 to pos on board 4. Neg from driver to neg on board 4.


Gotcha. Thanks I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.


How you think it looks?


I was gonna wait til it was on to comment, just so I didn’t get ahead of myself ha! I think you did a real nice job!


Thank man that makes my day. Your a great teacher obj won


Thanks! I really just like cool stuff, and it’s better when someone else buys it.


I think it looks great! It makes me want to build more myself, I just don’t have anywhere to put them. My next step is a seedling/cloning tent I’ve got a 65 to put in there.


It works!!!


That’s always good!


I just gotta get one of those water proof connectors, whatever they are called. Does Home Depot or Lowe’s sell them??


WooHoo! Now get that baby hung up and some lovely ladies under it.

Nice work!


I guess my life has come to this on a Friday night. Lmao.


That’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Doubt the wife wants to here me drilling into concrete this late.


Mine was feeding, cleaning and a ancestry stuff.


Plus, my ratch straps won’t be here until tomorrow. Gotta move amazon. 4 for $9


Negative. Amazon does, or a lot of the places that sell meanwell drivers. Meanwell part number is like cj04-1 or cj04-2 depending on which size cord you used. There may be 3 and 4 too. Otherwise the ones on Amazon are usually fine too.


I’ll use wire nuts until they come in I guess.


You have wagos?


A couple.