Familymans Mixed Bag Grow


Looks good.


Thanks. I’ll be building the quad light tonight


Sweet! Should be a fun grow.


I’m really hoping so. I love cloning stuff and building projects. The product is a bonus for me lol


Turning out exactly how I had it planned in my mind. Just gotta build the wire shelves for the other plants and it’s done.


It’s a nice looking room for sure!


It’s like a HLG show room.


I still have 15 clones and I hate to throw them out… any ideas


For sure! I think you need a couple of small cob fixtures now lol. One for each end of your table and you can use the whole thing.


Just put them on there and keep expectations low.


Think I could leave them in the cloner and just veg them like hydro??


@ThcinKC the seeds came today and they are really professionally packaged and were shipped in a plain envelope. Each strain was in a mini petri type container and a handsomely labeled foil pouch.


Awesome they have fruity pebbles and I have been looking for that but they don’t look right in the pictures of the strain.


Are the all seeds or some cloned


All clones my friend. The amazon cloner is legit. Made 40 clones in 14 days.


Can ya show me a pic of your cloner roots?


Will do when I get home


What is Amazon clone, I didnt get that with my prime membership. Lol


It’s called the oxycloner. 20 sites with all the equipment for $64


For a little bit. Roots will start filling up small res and it will become pita to keep ph stable after a while.