Familymans Mixed Bag Grow


Build light based on how you plan to utilize table then.


Your room has solved my outdoor shelves problem perfect.:metal::+1::metal::+1:


I’ll do the pairs of lights. I think that is the more logical way.


Glad I could help. My other shelves were just 2x6 on blocks but they mildew on the bottoms. The wire fencing should provide better airflow.


Probably. Use long direction of boards parallel with long direction of table and space them 6-8" apart. That should give you fixture about 30" wide. Call those boards end to end, and then space about 2-3" between the short measurements deep.


I have a 10ft x 10ft dog kennel made of chain link fence and a lockable door but missing one wall so it’s going against the shed bolted on with steel brackets so theifs arnt just picking it up and moving over…lol.
Put in wood floor for no trench digging rabbits. A video security camera, security light, the thing missing shelves. But those blocks would work great I can add or replace as size dictates, I love it


That’s what I do. I move the bench not the lights in my room. My sour d plant is so big, I have it on the floor right now.


Thanks. This helps a lot.


This girl just won’t stop.


Nice bud porn :grin: and I see you kept your clothes on in the basement today. No frolicking around naked :laughing::joy:


Hehehe. Kids were home.


The ladies were getting envious of my “cola” :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hahaha that was good! Touche touche :laughing:


My new seeds will be here today! As ice cube said, “today is a good day”


Awesome let me know how they came.
I’m going to the cannabis regenerative conference and getting some seeds there and hopefully learn some cool stuff


Have you gained access to lab yet? I’ve heard they trade pretty freely in there.

Sorry @Familyman thought I was on his thread.


No not yet


Some more work today on the SOG table.



@dbrn32 you think my plan will work??