Familymans Mixed Bag Grow


If that was possible would ILGM be cool with it?
And who would you even ask to see if it’s ok


I don’t know.


@dbrn32 when I build the quad light, how far apart should each board be and would it be better to position them like a door or a window??


You guys can join the lab no invitations needed. Right now you have to pay for the courses as well and it’s $137. They run specials (which I’m patiently waiting) at times for just the forum and it’s been between $20-$30. But the ability to pm other members because it’s a private site.


Is that one time or per year


One time @Familyman


Thank you for clearing this up @Midwestnewbie

@Familyman shape your light like your space will be.


Did some work on the SOG grow tonight. Enjoy!
The table. The frame will be covered with 2x3 metal fencing

And some transplanting from the solo cups. Went thru a whole bag of coco and still didn’t get them all done.


Definitely watching what will happen here. I need some inspiration, lol. I have almost same size coco clones and seedlings in Solo, 1 gallon, 5 gallons This is the second try with coco


Start one too. Besides planting all the clones, it’s been pretty easy.


Should I start a new thread for the SOG?


@dbrn32 so, should I let these bush out a little or put them into flower right away??


@dbrn32 would you set up the panels in a row or more like a square??


Keep the sog on this thread
I bought that membership on the lab side
Also I think im going to get a co2 generator and see what happens.


How much was the membership. Are you the same screen name??


You originally said you were doing 2x4, in which case I would put them all in line. If you’re now 2x3, I would mount boards side by side in pairs.

Also, if they’re in final pots get them into flower asap. You’re already likely going to have some branching to eliminate.


The table is 30”x48”. The boards will be here today and hopefully I can get it built later this evening.


It was 137 and waiting for the password to get into the members fourm and yes i am going to try and keep the same name there


You guys are always cheating lol. That light is just big enough for 8 square feet, and you have to ask it to do 10.


No said I had to fill the whole table lol.