Familymans Mixed Bag Grow


@ThcinKC I ordered from pacific sb on Monday and my seeds will be here Friday. Hella fast as I think they are domestic.


No but seen some monster plants of Cindy 99
Hell i got jet fuel seeds to and i haven’t planted them yet myself. Did you go through oaseeds for them


I can’t find them on so I’m going to check them out now that you have


No Pacific Seedbank. They were a little more expensive but it’s faster Nd they had others I wanted too.


Ok cool i have not had good luck with domestic seed banks


They are based out of Canada but the package is coming from within us


I like it too because they sell 3 packs of seeds. Sometimes I don’t always want 5 or spend the money. I’d rather have 2 strains of three seeds instead of 5 of one. The joy of knowing how to clone!


Cindy and jet fuel :grin: jet fuel has me curious


You know me, they’ll all probably end up getting popped. Lol


That is why i like oaseeds and they do singles on alot of stuff to and even though they are in Spain i get it in about 4 to 12 days dependent upon how much i spend and if a seed place is taking to long the tell you and give you insane freebies my last order was 285 and got 10 chocolope and 20 Tahoe og freebies and something else to. I Know the joy of clones and i got to try some weeding cake gelato and man i can’t wait to grow it hope fully i will have this feminized pollen down by then.


Ima find you and steal those Tahoe og seeds :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hell I’ll give you some


Are on the lab side??


What is lab side


The lab is where all the cool people hob nob and you can exchange personal info. You have to pay to be there


I didn’t know that im not cool enough for that lol
Do you have to get invited or something


Yes you do. No one has ever asked me to dance so I just hang out here


Me to just staring at my feet hoping some girl will ask for a dance


We should make a room on the line app for this place


Hahaha. Right!