Familymans Mixed Bag Grow


Some made it’s way from Pacific northwest all the way here, and it was stellar.


I get it to work I hope.


Fo shizzle! Also, I was almost headed to your neighborhood today.


Oh god. Why would you do that


Work, crisis was averted though.


What do you do??


Some more might be available in a few months. :wink: but a lot closer.


just moved 2 of my Maui clones to flower and i could not be happier :grinning: have 8 more clones 4 rooted 4 taken yesterday will steal 4 more from the ones just flipped in a week ,

love it happy Tues yall…jimmie


Here’s the light I built last night.


Nice job!


Looks great! Is this the one that’s going over the SOG table?


Thanks man. One more to go.


No, waiting on the stuff to get here. It’s a four board fixture.


I’ll be doing the table build this week still. It’s 10 degrees here so I don’t want to drag the kids out.


Looks like all my new seeds will be here Friday! He’ll ya.


Survey time. What seeds should I start next:
Apollo 14
Cindy 99
Jet Fuel
Maui Wowie.

Please pick 2


Jet fuel


And… it says pick two lol


Cindy 99


You ever grown that??