Familymans Mixed Bag Grow


I knew you were gonna say that lol. It looks just like the other one I built


We’ll take your word for it. Wouldn’t know if you were even posting new one or old one.


The four light build will be photo worthy.




The parts will be here by the weekend.


I’ll be building the SOG table this week. My GF wanted to go drinking.


Gotta keep them happy


To bad the wife and the GF aren’t happy at the same time lmao


Btw those are jokes. I ain’t got time for a GF. I have business to conduct.


Lmao ok. I know if I had one, i wouldn’t be posting about it here lol. I’m convinced my wife is also a member here trolling me.


The only thing my wife trolls is my wallet after I’ve been “out” for the night. She knows why I go places.


Maui in the jar and my o my is she good, got 8 clones too


I plan on cloning all the new strains. That’s my thang. Free plants is the wtg


I read the reviews of Maui and it seems like a lightweight in comparison to others but the quality seems on point.


24 strians going now


Lmao! My wife says something f’ing around in garage with stupid lights and l usually don’t hear the following 10-15 minutes of her rants.


That’s a hella ton bro. I wish I had the space for that.


My wife is like a capo. As long as I’m earning she stays pretty chill


Maui is usually solid. I bet half the people leaving reviews never smoked any worth a damn and left their review based on posted thc content.


I think so. I love growing the classics.