Familymans Mixed Bag Grow


I probably would. Small expense and would probably be helpful in the room you have.


If the table resides in a place where it can be mobile. U bet! Casters!


So, I want you guys to take a look at this JH. I’m guessing it’s a more Sativa phenotype. Lmk what you think. It’s just so much different than the other ones.


Jack herer? It’s suppose to be sativa dominant.


I thought it was a 50/50 with some showing more indica and some Sativa. I may be wrong though. Regardless, it’s just a lot different from the others.


Pretty sure it’s more like a haze, probably something like 80% sativa. I’m sure there’s some wild phenotypes though, have that with every hybrid.


Jack Herer is mostly Sativa. 80/20 Sativa/Indica :v::bear:


Think it’s a different strain by accident??


Probably not. That’s hybrid living baby.


Looks a lot like the Cindy plants I grew and not much different than the F1 hybrids I am growing right now. One of Cindy’s parents is supposedly JH.


I’m ordering Cindy 99 and Jet Fuel seeds today.


Has anyone ever ordered from Pacific Seedbank??


Other than ILGM the only other one I’ve used is oaseeds (authorized Brothers Grimm dealer). They only offer expedited stealth shipping to the U.S. I got my seeds in less than week from ordering. They were stealth shipped, but the seeds themselves were still in the original breeder packaging. They also sent a half dozen of their own seeds (hindu kush in my case) as a “bonus” for my purchase.


That is who i use and the freebies are awesome that is where i got my jet fuel and lucky charms seeds from everything i got from them has been good just like ilgm.


And your package is stealthy on another level mine got checked by customs and still came through


@ThcinKC ordered some seeds.
Apollo 13
Cindy 99
Maui Wowie
Jet fuel.

Hope I like them all.


MW won’t disappoint you.


I’m pretty stoked about the Apollo 13. I got the Maui Wowie because a friend basically begged me to grow it.


Got my new light built tonight. The prettiest build but it will work. Was kinda rushed.


Pics or it didn’t happen haha