Familymans Mixed Bag Grow


There’s a high school sport in which the state final is held down that way every year. We went 4 years in a row with my son, I’m familiar.


Isn’t that held in Bloomington??


Sorry. I’m thinking just BBall


Not bball, think heavier balls lol. In o’Fallon.


I know exactly where that is. Some guy got shot in the bar there about a month ago


Sounds about in line with my experiences


That’s not even that bad of an area.


Nope, but you don’t have to wander far.


So true. I guess I’m numb to it from living here so long lol


Not the worst place I’ve been. Not even for that sport haha.


Check out these weird shaped buds on the Cali Snow plants. They seem to be more like buttons vs long colas. Kinda weird.


She looks good. Are you still liking the Mega Crop?


Love every second of it. So much easier and knock on wood, haven’t had to flush yet.


New cloning station set up!


It will be filled tonight! Taking JH and NL clones.


Nice clone setup! That basement will stay full now :wink: Loving your grow op more and more :grin:


Thanks!! I’m always trying to reinvest profits back into it. It’s kinda getting to the point where it’s about done being set up and there won’t be much reinvestment except nutes and seeds if needed.


Then that means more in your pocket :grin: Or towards the new truck you want :star_struck: This is when the weed starts working for you!


@Missiles I would love to get that truck but it’s always something that comes up. Now my little one has to have dental surgery because of his soft enamel. $1200 out of pocket for that. Then I’m sure it will be something else. I’m always getting bent over for something. That’s why ive pretty much just given up on wanting anything for myself. I pretty much just make the money and just wait for something to come up.


Oh boy you don’t have to tell me anymore! My son has been in and out of the dentist office since this summer. 4 wisdom teeth pulled, 2 root canals and 2 crowns later my piggy bank is squealing. Lol. And not in a good way :laughing: