Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


I have always thought that was the most beautiful place on earth. Until the winter.


Now that’s a wonderful sight. And so it begins. Love hangin’ plants.


So, the grow of the clones has come to an end and all in all I think it was a success. 11 plants in 2 gal pots yielded me 2264 grams wet. After dry, I’ll probanly net about 1.25 pounds. The question is, and I’d like some feedback, is is it better to have the smaller plants or the bigger girls?? I do have to say that my experience from my first grow paid off on this one. Thank you @dbrn32 @MattyBear @raustin @PurpNGold74 @OldSchoolGrower @Screwauger @DoobieNoobie and everyone else that lended a hand. Onto the next grow! The saga will continue with more NL clones, JH, Cali snow, and Blue Cheese.


@Missiles sorry I missed you on the tag. Nothing personal. Might be slightly high.


Thank you @Familyman😉. I was more a cheerleader in the grow for you😉 but I am so happy for you!


As will I when you chop yours. When will you be harvesting??


Tomorrow is doomsday for her😁


Oh shit!!! Remind me of the strain and what do you think you’ll get out of her??


She is a purple kush auto and I’ll be happy to get a couple ounces out of her dry. I dropped s bubba Kush about a week ago and have a critical Auto soaking tonight.


Sounds like a great haul @Familyman! Let us know what your final dry weights are :wink::bear::v:


Will do. Tried some last night and it’s real nice. Better than last grow.


Great job on the harvest. On the subject of fewer big plants or more smaller plants. With smaller plants, you fill the same amount of space but your turnaround time is quicker​. The bigger plants you would have to veg longer to get them big.


Congratulations on the harvest! Can’t wait to see the dry numbers and smoke report.


Big plant vs small plant is discussion of plant count vs turnaround time. Where does each fall with individual grower and what is most important. Where you live they’d nail you down pretty good with 40 plants. If you’re concerned about that but still need a lot of weed, then you’ll need some big plants. To get that you’re running long veg times. If its important that you have steady supply of weed coming in or a variety regularly, then you want short veg times which will be smaller plants and yield per plant. In that case, if you need a lot of weed you’ll need a lot of plants.

The commercial indoor model seems to follow the higher plant count with very little to no plant training method. Not to say that is best for a home grower, but does indicate how the people making their living off growing weed do it. However the charges for difference in plant count aren’t in play there either.


Thank you for the perspective on this and you points are well received! It’s a tough line to straddle between being lawful and being profitable. On one hand I say “go out on a limb, it’s where the best fruit is!” Other hand I think of the concequences.


Congrats buddy! Seems no matter which way you do it you’re doing great. So to me it’s more a matter of which way did you like doing it better?


Killer haul Fam Guy. Love the front room photo as well. A brother could get used to coming home to that!


Thanks. It should be dry in a couple days. What front room do you speak of?? The porch??


With all the hanging plants. :man_shrugging:t5: I dont know the layout of the house


Ohhhh. That’s the concrete cellar room that is under the front porch! It’s the same room I grow in. I just so happen to hang a couple old pictures for some atmosphere. Lol