Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


I didn’t forget about that bottle of whiskey either



Hour 1


I’ve harvested 400 grams off 1.750 plants so far!


Winter is coming… haha.


Looking good! Congrats on the harvest. It looks like it will be a good one.


Like clockwork


I’m shooting for a pound.


sooo beautiful! :wink:


The weed or the snow?


Used to live on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario south of Watertown right in the snow belt. Believe me, it wasn’t the snow. Used to lose my fat old dog in the snow on the way to the barn and would have to go dig her out.


Bahahahha. They are predicting 15 inches, the same thing my wife is. Lol. I like snow for a day and then it can go away.


I grew up in Watertown NY, lived there 40 yrs before moving to Maine. Route 81 Pulaski, another world most days Nov - April. Hey ho @KeithL

With a minus 13 windchill here tonight, rather have 2 foot of snow, I just hate the cold. I have three layers on sitting in my basement lol


@dbrn32 it snowing there??


Nothing yet


I was in Pierrepont Manor. Used to drive through Pulaski on 81 to go to work in Syracuse. Nothing better than the end of summer, sitting in the hay mow feet dangling out the door drinking Jim Beam just watching a lot of nothing go by. Pretty country.


Update. 650 grams. 8 plants to go


That’s a great idea!


Update. 1201 grams wet. 5 plants to go.


Hahaha ya until a nest of black snakes in one of the bales decides to bust free! My gramps was a dairy farmer. I ain’t been a hay mow since I was 9 because, snakes!! Yikes. Funny as soon as I read your post my mind wondered if you were in Pierrepont (locals called it peer-point) Manor. I ran on the rescue squad in adams for 6 years as an emt.