Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


She was just over 80 not counting the buds that have been breaking. Possibly woulda hit 100 wet and deleaved. Should be bout a solid oz of smoke.

Diesel no doubt. Needless to say im happy :joy::joy: and she was the smallest BY FAR


Sweet. Thanks for sharing.


Still darkness. May trim a plant tonight if I get bored. Or I may goto the bar and drink. :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:


Bahaha. Drinking at home leads to trimming


And drinking at bars could lead to some trim! :wink:


The plants have been chopped. Now the begins while I watch it dump snow all weekend!


Snowing down there yet?


Not yet. Starting around three pm and itโ€™s coming big we think. You expecting any there.


People really freak out down here. The groxery stores and gas stations are nutso.


Sounds like couple inches overnight, and maybe 1-3 tomorrow. Nothing weโ€™re hunkering down for.


5-8 tonight and 2-4 tomorrow.


Bust out the sleds



No snow in there, just green. Congrats brother!


Hell yes!!! I love this pic :wink::v::bear:


A bad case of frost bite on the buds lol


I love the Hrvest, yes I do!! Iโ€™m also envious of you guys getting snow. Weโ€™ve got 3" of solid ice/snow. The last two small snowfalls have ended with rain and freezing rain. Now a week of single digit overnights. Itโ€™s a skating rink anywhere you go unless its a treated road/surface.

Lots of snow upta sled camp but my sled is down here and itching to burn around the house afew times hahaha

Congrats FamMan!!!


Thank you friend. If I could share with you all I would.


Weโ€™re all smart enough to show up in about a month. Kinda like those blisters on trimming fingers, show up when the works done.


Hahahaha sounds like my brother in law. He all about my grows and helping trim and then he vanished like a fart after I gave him his jar of free stuff.