Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


Thank you sir! I grew these all from clones and they are NL. I’m gonna do a test area just to see and will let y’all know.


Of course you do haha. I’m not sure why, but I can’t really zoom on my new phone. I can expand pic once, but if I try again it minimizes pic.


@Familyman; can you put up ONE picture?




@Myfriendis410 @dbrn32 sprayed with the solution and nothing happened so I guess it’s just extreme frosty ness. :man_shrugging:t3:


Here’s a picture of the ladies in waiting also.


My guess is the 18 degree swing is promoting it


Cool. Keep an eye on it just in case. Not sure temp swing of what, I still can’t zoom in like my old phone, even with a single pic.


I did notice some purple on my leaves, which is really cool!


I’ve been tinkering with trying coco so I made the plunge and transplanted one of my JH into coco and a 3 gal smart pot.


5/5 germination on the black widows. I lost one seed I my soil and didn’t find it. My bad on that. Can’t wait to get these growing. I’m guessing my perpetual grow is down to about 7 weeks now.


@MattyBear does the Mykos product help in coco?


Can’t hurt it. It’s good for root development :v:


I have WPM at the moment and differentiating it between it and bud frost is a PITA. I’ll see if I can grab a good pic when I get home tonight.


That looks like gray mold too me when I zoom in. I had that on my last plant in one spot, but it’s easy to get rid of with the peroxide solution. If it’s just trichomes then it won’t wipe off with your finger, but mold or mildew will come right off.


Didn’t wipe off or melt when sprayed with perpxide solution.


Then it’s probably not mildew. I wouldn’t worry.


@Hogmaster do you think 2 qb135s on a light mover would be enough to cover an 8’ run efficiently??


@raustin do you feel that your grows improved when switching to a soil less medium?? My JH in coco is standing up like a wedding dick today!


I have a 630 and it covers a 8 ft 6 ft I don’t know enough about QB to let you know but it should