Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


Doob and someone else spoke of some big boy beer earlier. I should screenshotd it


I actually really like coors light. It just makes me pee a lot.


Let’s not get out of hand, not sure I can handle big boy beer lol. It may ruin my whiskey buzz.


My neighbor gave me a bottle of Glenroths.


Nice! I buy like 2-3 nice bottles a year. Otherwise I’m drinking something like Jim Beam black.


Have you tried the JB apple with ginger ale. Great bbq drink.


I keep a 18 yr glenlevit in my study for when I receive guests.


I’ll be right over lol.

I haven’t, but I’ve had crown apple.


It’s a nice daytime drink.


Your welcome at anytime my friend.


You can receive me as a guest anytime with that on your shelf! I just got me a big bottle of Johnny Walker Double Black.


4/5 popped seeds on the black widows so far. Gotta love ILGM genetics.


@dbrn32 @MattyBear @raustin

Hey guys, is this WPM on my plants?? If so should I wash the buds when harvesting, treat now, or chop them so it doesn’t spread?


It kinda looks like it, is it isolated to just those couple of spots? Would be first time I seen it like that, it would always be kind of patchy


It’s hit or miss on some random buds. Would it hurt to hit them with a mild peroxide solution. I’ve also been dropping my temps at night and thought maybe it’s just extra frosty??


Powdery mildew will usually almost wipe off to touch. Did you look around any for other spots? Its probably pretty sticky on the buds regardless.


There are a few more. Nothing consuming. I’ll try to get a close up with the scope. I may experiments and treat one abs see what happens.


@Myfriendis410 what do you think?


And they are way stickier than last grow. It’s insane.


Great picture! I zoomed in pretty close and it looks like stacked/squashed trichomes with some leaf discoloration–maybe a bit of bleaching? Otherwise: BITCHIN’ PLANT, dude!

You can spray your whole plant down without any harm using a 50/50 solution of distilled or R/O water and 3% peroxide. This is an excellent treatment for wpm and if it is it will melt away in seconds. And I ALWAYS recommend a bud wash, right? @dbrn32 haha.

When you do spray it; make sure it’s before lights out and up your airflow a bit to help evaporate the liquid. It is okay to leave it but why take a chance? The peroxide dissipates into water and oxygen. This is also a good treatment for thrips and spider mites although full strength is better there (3%).