Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


They are a weed, they got a tolerance…lol. cause they sure as hell look GR8!!! Life is good … specially with a bud in hand… I haven’t smoked in 5 days… New job on Friday I’m going to try and piss clean… I’m only 185, thin n tall so I got no fat to stick too. I’ll test Thursday night n see if I’m clean, If not I’ll come up with somin clever for my


Nice. How long does it stay in urine?? They used to hair test where I worked.


You know they say 30 days but that’s the worst case. I’ve been clean with 2 weeks B4. That’s with at least 1 gallon of water a day for cleanse.


Not that I smoked at all when I worked, but they claim that the hair test detects for 90 days. I have a shaved head and they would have to cut it from some creative places lol. They also said that if you shave your whole body it’s admitting guilt.


Tell them you have alopecia lol


Hey all real quick this is light burn yes? LED’s @ 30" I should have went w 600’s instaed of the 2 - 1000’s…hmmm


But no @Familyman, it’s urine…for my test


Doesn’t look like it to me.


I agree, I don’t see any light damage either.


Already got 3 taproots from the black widow seeds!!!


Ive passed with a 2 week window. But my metabolism is insane. And like u said gallons of water intake. But i failed once because i pissd almost straight water. Some tests (higher quality i guess) also check for vitamin levels i guess. I also flunkd once because of the niacin i had in me. Ive sibce learnd niacin is in spaghetti sauce so that makes a great excuse :wink::joy:

Yay taproots! @Familyman


Yay three out of five isn’t bad so far you still have time for all of them the show :wink:


A little relax time with the wife tonight. I’ll be switch from this piss to a Bells winter wheat soon.


It’s not bud light, so you’re safe with me. Bout to pour a black and blonde when I get home.


Is that like a Black and Tan. Guineas and Bass?


Very similar, Guinness and Guinness blonde


Yum. I used to drink the hell out of Black and Tans. I’ll have to try those.


Hey woah woah woah. We drink pissweiser in my state. Watch ur tones :joy::rofl::joy:


You can have the horse piss lol.


Me too, until I tried it with the blonde.