Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


Number 4 - Goldleaf is my vote.


Have you grown the black widow??


Nope. But you don’t see a lot of it either. Everyone here grows gold leaf.


That’s an excellent point good sir. You may have just won the contest!


I have 10 of those seeds so I may drop 5


Sweet! Best of luck if you do.


Once I get home from the gym it’s happening.


Black widow it is. Bombs away!


Good luck with them!


Thanks. I’ll call them the @dbrn32 grow lol.


There’s already a couple of those haha. But I don’t mind.


@Countryboyjvd1971 pretty much sold me on getting a light mover today.


He aint lying :joy::joy::joy: ida voted GL or PE but u got em dropped so rock away sensei


They can be handy when used properly.


He sold me when he said it’s not very common


The black widow will also be grown in coco to try it.


Some pics from the garden. I had to flush some plants. Somehow the pH spiked to almost 8. Ran 7 gallons they then and we’ll see what happens. No idea why it spikes. Only idea I had is when I used baking soda in a pinch to raise pH until I got more of the actual stuff. I’m close to being done so hopefully it doesn’t effect too much.


There is something to be said about the airpots the growth on my BBA is outstanding and I even topped her.


Lookin’ fantastic Brother. My 3 rows of skunks will get there yet.


Thanks but I did something real nasty to them and the leaves show it.