Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


That’s kinda what I was thinking. I just can’t get this ph nailed down. I’m hoping coco and mega will help.


Hope so too


I feel like it’s costing me some weight in the buds. Oh well. These were clones and cost me nothing i theory. I chalk I up as a learning process. I’ll nail it one day. Hopefully with the next 22 plants.


You’re adjusting ph after you mix nutes right?


I’m always at 6.6 every time.


Could it be the FFOF


Hard to say. Lots of things happen over course of grow.


I guess as a OCD person it’s my job to figure those things out.


Lemme know when you do lol


I will. Well know in a week or so what happens with this grow.


Survey Time:

Since some plants are moving to flower what should I plant next:

  1. Black Widow
  2. BBA
  3. Pineapple Express
  4. Bergmans Gold Leaf


1,2,3, and 4… haha


@MattyBear I wish I had that amount is space and lights.


My vote would be for Black Widow or Gold Leaf :wink:


My personal vote is gold leaf also, have you ever grown it? I hear great things about it.


I haven’t , but I have a few seeds. I’ll grow one sometime soon :wink:


I Have 5 that I picked up on the 50% off special the other week.


I would say black widow and pineapple Express


Hehe. I was hoping to plant just one strain but…


Do black widow then