Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


And all my blue cheese and sour d popped. So did the other two JH.


Get er’ growing Brother…


Pretty sure I killed my blue cheese seeds. I normally use a pipette to transfer my seeds to the soil and when I squeezed it, pure pH down squirted on my seeds. I’m sure the pure acid will kill them. I did rinse them with clean water but I’m sure it’s too late. This is what happens when I do things in a rush :rage::rage::rage::rage: and when I was removing the seed case of the JH sprout, I seedling pulled up just a tad so I’m sure it will die too. FML everything I’m touching today has turned to shit so I have decided to water the plants and shut the door and not look at them until sometime tomorrow.


Your seeds are going to make it. My money is on the plant.


We shall see. I think free seeds a curse! When I actually pay for them I seem to be a lot more careful. Sighhhhh. We shall see what happens. If they don’t, I’ll pop the red diesel or wait for the black widow to get here. I’m literally like Lenny petting the rabbits.


Can u seen it Lenny? Can u see the farm?


They’ll probably fly. In nature they’re exposed to some pretty harsh stuff and come up following year all by themselves.

For future endeavors, some tweezers usually work.


Yeah. Couldn’t find them and the wife was up my ass to go out so I rushed the process. I learnt today.


I think you’ll be fine.


Thanks bro. That’s all I needed. Don’t really care about the blue cheese but It’s money that could die.


Don’t want that.


Nope. Gotta keep on keeping on.


Regardless. Got 2 cheese, 2 sour d, and 3 jack h in the pipe.


Sounds like some fun!


I hope. I’m gonna use them like whores and clone the hell out of them. I’m thinking the perp grow will take about 2 months to get going.


I have a feeling we would be friends inreal life


I’m sure! I’ve found that to be true with a few of the members around here lol.


Some pictures from this morning. Lights just kicked on and they are praying to the quantum gods


Wow looking great. That is a sweet view!


I like to pretend I’m shrunk down and walking thru them taking pictures!