Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


Should be pretty good then.


As always, thanks for all the advice on my grows. Hope you don’t goto the lab and never come back


I’ve been member at the lab for nearly a year, still here just as much or more than there. I think I’m going to eventually have to cut back on the number of journals I follow, strictly because of time constraints. But I’ll always check tags, so don’t be afraid to tag me if there’s something I can help with.


Im here and stalking for the long run bro. And definitely dont mind tagbomb’n Rob there til my fingers turn purple


Thanks man. I’ll be adding some lights soon and will need some help.


I look at the number of posts on my journal and I realized I talk more to you guys than my own family. :rofl:


My wife claims the same🙄

Happy to help with lights when you’re ready too.


Haha i get accused of it as well.


Holy Crap my Good Man! the girls have really taken off, and they’re just starting! You are going to have your hands full, and thats an understatement.
BTW: Which brand Humidity Dome are you using, it has a heat mat I’m sure? I’m looking to get one but have not found something beyond a 2" dome and much too many cells for just a few plants.
My cellar gets fricken cold and I’m going to need one to get the new growth started. :wink:


Thanks man. I’m pretty excited about this grow. The done is from sunleaves dot com. Got it at the grow store. It does have a heat mat under it too.


Excited you should be :sunglasses:
Thank you Brother!


Anytime! I just hope this harvest is as bountiful as last


Jack Herer has broken ground! 48 hours since popping tap root! Also, the blue cheese and sour diesel have popped a tap root too. They’ll be going into soil today!


Seedling porn coming soon!!!


That kinda sounds inappropriate. Lmao.


Im an inappropriate kinda guy :joy::joy::joy:


That’s probably why we get along so well!


@Mote Just go to Dollar general and look for the Sterillite storage containers. Get 2. Use the bottom of one for your tray use the bottom of the other for your top. Cut a hole for vent. See if I can find my pics.

I like the Sterillite brand because they are the most clear. Other brands are cloudy.


@OldSchoolGrower Thank you very much for your time & consideration my friend, looks ideal,
very ingenious :clap:. Will look into it.
I know I’m getting ahead of myself as I have not finished my first grow but I dont want too much lag between grows since this little hobby of ours is a bit of a time consuming endeavor.
You Rock :sunglasses:


Oops. Just ordered Black Widow and the Gold leaf special.