Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


Will do. So many journals there its scary. I like the lab more for banter n if i need help. This is were ill hang out n smoke pot usually :joy::joy:


It’s just difficult for the people with multiple threads going to keep up on both.


Some pics of the girls today.
Uploading: CF07B34B-46E5-4A95-AA33-8399EADD633D.jpeg… Uploading: A15D30EF-F8E9-446E-A0ED-F075CF4806F9.jpeg…


taps foot

What pics?!?!



Lmao, exactly what I was thinking


There they are! Looking good dude!


Lol. I guess when I changed from WiFi to data use it biffed them.


Thanks brotha. The lack of stretch concerns me a tad but we shall see. Think I should raise the lights some? I also topped the BBA today.


just messing with you a bit bro, all good.


I planted a JH bean today also.


Raise or dim them if you want some stretch.


Is it too late in flower in week 3 to do that. I always thought stretch stopped at week 2


How far u hanging em? I had mine a bit too close n killd alot of my stretch early. Jackd it to 18 and VOILIN. Stretch induced


About 16-18”


They’re not going to grow much this late, sorry. But give it a try for week or so and they may still pop up a little.


I’m guessing this may effect my yield some. Damn it!


I think itll just guarantee that ur gonna need good circulation and get nice solid buds. Pretty sure stretch helps light penetration lower and helps with training. But same budsites basically


Probably not as much as you’re thinking. If they were tall colas the density drops as you get down them, so they look like they produce more, but lowers get a little fluffy.

You’re about the point you can do a little selective defoliation. Take a few fans here and there that will open up light penetration to lower part of mains.


I was actually just doing that and cleaning up some under growth.