Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


If it glows red you gotta watch out. Not sure my girls slept well last night. I woke up at 4 and turnd it around to face into the hallway. Still an ‘offglow’ but WAAAAYYYYY softer then direct red glow


Mine looks like an old school radiator and gives off moist gentle heat.


Was going to blow heat into the corner my big-azz fan is in
10 min till I can see plants I haven’t looked at for 2 days, yeah


For now I moved a quantum board into the veg tent so I could blast them with the goods. Also got tap roots showing on both the BBA seeds. I’m excited about these guys.


One of them looks about ready for the soil.


Here are the clones in my tent. Added the QB yesterday and they must have grown 3 inches.


If you look at the bottom of the picture, those three plants are in the #4 soil. I’m seeing quickly that there are less nutes than the FFOF soil.


Finally got the girls into the big house. “Girl, you’ll be a woman…soon!”
Think Neil diamond.


Looking good. They’re officially grow number 2 now that they’re under the big lights.


Sure are. They are kinda spindly from the blurple light but I’m fimming them a lot and hopefully they will bush out like a scrog


I have been noticing the same. The #4 soil seems to have less of nutrients then the fox farm. I have 3 grows with the fox farm and used there trio and found not having to feed right away. The #4soil I have been hitting it hard with nutrients do to the fact that I had deficiency in early stage of veg. They have recovered and are growing. The root ball is going to be huge it is definitely going to fill the 7 gallon bags I am using and that is indoor.


One of the two blueberry seeds have about a 1/2” tail and have been planted into a 2 gallon airport. The other seed still hasn’t popped a tail yet so I soaked another seed last night and put in the paper towel this morning. My luck, I’ll end up with 3 blueberry plants. Lol. The airpot has a clear plastic dome over it made from a cut off juice bottle. Would it be ok to put it in under the big lights or should I do the single led bulb until it gets true leaves??


I’m glad you posted this. I like the texture of the nectar soil better but it has less nutes. I don’t mind adding more nutes if needed. I’m also curious to see if the pH stays more stable.


@MattyBear @dbrn32 in case you want to watch my next grow. No big deal if you don’t


@Missiles @ThcinKC @TDubWilly


Pics from today


I’m set to watching! Let’s grow some clones :grin:


I’ll be cutting more clones very soon also. I’m obsessed with growing cannabis.


Fo shizzle! Thanks for tag


Might not be the big plants of the first grow but trying multiple smaller gals and comparing yields. They didn’t cost anything so what the hell.